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Sensible Travel Solution is a perfect platform to all those travel - lovers from India or abroad to connect with and have ultimate satisfaction, unforgettable experiences and best service deliveries. All the products are carefully designed and being delivered by experienced personnel who are well verse to work with international travellers from across the globe.  

We strongly believe that travel not only brings happiness and joy in the travelers’ life but it also provide opportunity for cultural immersion, socio-economic engagements  and  boost people to people contacts to promote international peace.  


Our Motto

We all travel places for pre-defined purpose but knowingly or unknowingly we get a lot of experiences that thrilled our life with wonderful experiences. If we can plan our travel in a way so that we can get the maximum out of our travel by getting full value of our time and money invested would be added bonus to us. That is what we promise to our valuable clients / customers with a motto “Travel that make sense”.

Our promises are windows of opportunities and availability of multiple dimensions of your travel that you may think of going for. Believe it or not in this globalized world the whole economy is shrinking and creating a sharp digital division among communities. It creates opportunities to Travel and get advantage of better and cheaper services at different locations on the one hand and to explore the opportunities to contribute to this cause by virtue of touching the heart and soul of people who are facing the heat. It is an approach that offers an opportunity for every traveller to create a better world.


Sensible Travel solution offers –

  • Village/Eco Tourism – Visiting a craft village merely 70 km far from Jaipur “The Pink City” and enjoying the time with craftsman families, hand-on craft activities, a rare chance to mingle with  their food, surroundings, custom & culture and many more …… come  and explore to your own…
  • Medical Tourism – Are you looking for a better option to get treatment in India without compromising your privacy, cost effective and reliable health services, an opportunity to explore the places you love to visit; let us help you make this happen…
  • Volunteering and internship – Are you passionate enough to contribute to the communities you are about to explore? We are here to offer this opportunity to you. We will be very happy to introduce you to such passionate people that have real determination to make a difference in the life underprivileged and are at the bottom of the pyramid…
  • Yoga and Meditation – Human are psycho-physique. Whatever we do with our body that reflect on our mind and vice-versa. If we get seek we go for medicines that heal our physical body and if our mind gets seek we go for yoga and meditation that heal our mind. Many times it becomes difficult get cured because we unaware about the origin of the problem. Yoga and meditation is age old technique that helps us to understand it in totality. Only healthy body and mind can pay way to go beyond and connect to our soul; the source of our real happiness. We cordially invite you to be a part of this journey with us …
  • Educational Tour & Adventure - Are you a group of students from any school, college, University or professional institution and looking for you educational tour or adventure tour? We are here to help you out with matching your requirements and making your tour a real pleasure!
  • India / International Tour packages – if you are an individual / couple / group / family member and close relatives and intended to share your happiness and making it more memorable to take him / her / them to his/her/their favorite destination in India or abroad do let us know. We would happy to help you out and cater your most common requirements.
  • Spiritual Tourism – India is a country of religion and epicenter of many of them like Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, Sikhism, and Sufism etc. and later spread to rest of the world. You may not intend to emulate any of them but we are quite sure you will get enough to fulfill your spiritual quest. We are  inviting you to come and explore the shrines and sacred places that silently tell about the ultimate truth of life …   


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