Saraswati Ahimsa Vana

As a volunteer you’ll have the opportunity to experience a different culture and different way of living based on Vedic Principles, with people who care about nature and ecology.

Volunteers have the opportunity to help and learn about vegetarian cooking, permaculture, natural medicine, green building, yoga, meditation, philosophy, and will learn about working with conscious art and educational programs for children living in and around the community. You can also bring your creative energies to our workshops, make new friends and have the experience of a lifetime.


We have just finished 2 big rooms for volunteers situated in the main cabin... one for male volunteers... the other for female; they both have a nice view but you will probably have to share with a few other volunteers... although there is also a yoga lounge with plenty of space for everyone to enjoy some time on their own. In the near future we plan on making more eco lodges so that everyone can have a bit more space in the rooms themselves.


On our volunteering program you will be able to participate in the following…

Tropical Permaculture
Green Building
Chocolate Making


Mantra Meditation
Teaching English

Learning Kichwa

Vegetarian Cooking


And much more... every Sunday there’s an excursion to incredible river or waterfall off the beaten track, unforgettable places...


Our project is a non-profit based community living system but we kindly ask for donations to be able to enlarge our nature reserve before the rainforest is cut down. To enrol on our volunteer program we ask for a donation of $10 a day, $70 a week... or $300 a month. This is to cover the cost of food and personel and anything left over goes towards the nature reserve foundation. If you would like to give an extra donation to help buy surrounding land to protect the animals from hunters it'll be more than welcome too. We'll give you good vegetarian food 3 times a day...(please do not bring any meat, fish or eggs) and we ask you to help out with a minimum of 7 hours service a day, there is lots to do as this project is just starting up...

We kindly ask everyone to refrain from smoking, drugs and getting angry throughout their stay... this place to get away from all of that boring stuff....

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