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Qatar Foundation's mission is to prepare the people of Qatar and the region to meet the challenges of an ever-changing world, and to make Qatar a leader in innovative education and research.

Qatar Foundation welcomes those who wish to know it better, or who may even be interested in joining it.

As a fast-growing organization there are career opportunities for people of many different backgrounds. Much of its publicity is available for download. It does its best to respond to all queries from the public, which may be addressed to Visits to the campus may be arranged through a visitor request procedure. News releases are published on the web site. Some events at Education City are open to the public and are advertised in the local media and in the Events section of Qatar Foundation web site.

Qatar Foundation employ only the best qualified, multicultural talent for our exciting and diverse selection of career opportunities.

At Qatar Foundation, we offer a diverse and exciting mix of career opportunities with a vision and mission that demands that we employ and develop the best talent, in order to achieve our goals. We recruit the best-qualified candidate's available, based on education, experience, skills and the factors as defined by the job specifications for each position.

Qatar Foundation attracts employees with a multitude of expertise and skills, from experienced professionals to recent graduates. Our diverse workforce includes scientists; medical doctors; researchers; lecturers; teachers; social workers and office personnel, all with a range of technical, managerial and administrative skills. The international mix of our staff, from different backgrounds and cultures, bring new ideas to our organization.

In line with our vision to develop and utilize human potential, we provide opportunities for suitable and qualified Qatari nationals as a priority. So too is our priority for student career development, in providing part-time work experience for our high school and university graduates.

The evolving nature of our projects mean more exciting prospects for bright and enthusiastic individuals seeking satisfying and challenging careers for many years to come.

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