ProWorld Service Corps

ProWorld Service Corps offers 2 to 48 week projects in Peru, Belize, Brazil, Ghana, Mexico, India and Thailand. Volunteers develop meaningful relationships with host families and local community members by working and living together.

All of our projects come from communities’ assessments of their own needs and although they often have modest beginnings, they are remarkably successful and thorough.

ProWorld teams in Peru, Belize, Mexico, India, Thailand, Brazil and Ghana help assess and then execute the projects year round to ensure sustainable and valuable development for our host communities and volunteers.

These projects are the foundation of every ProWorld program. By joining ProWorld, volunteers become agents of positive change in the lives of others and themselves.

The vital economic support from volunteers’ program fees strengthens the positive impact of hands-on work by volunteers. Program fees pay for volunteer experiences and support our host community economies in the forms of project materials purchases, local salaries, host family payments, and local purchases.

To date, this capital injection by ProWorld and its volunteers to our host communities is over $3.3 million dollars.

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