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Mangalam Centers is home to several programs dedicated to the preservation and transmission of Tibetan Buddhist teachings and culture.

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Located in the heart of downtown Berkeley, two blocks from the UC campus, Mangalam Centers is home to several programs dedicated to the preservation and transmission of Tibetan Buddhist teachings and culture. Our work is carried out by volunteers - short-term, long-term, or part-time - looking for personal growth, meaningful work, and a community that shares their goals. Full-time volunteers receive room and board, a modest stipend and free classes on meditation, Buddhist psychology, Tibetan yoga, and other valuable topics. They live at the Tibetan Nyingma Institute, a 20-minute walk away.

Volunteer opportunities include IT work, graphic and website designers, desktop publishing, event planners, fundraisers, grant writers, bookkeepers, administrative assistants, filmmakers, screenwriters, sewers, and cooks. There are many opportunities for everyone, no matter what skills you possess.The organizations and projects housed at Mangalam Centers include the following:

Mangalam Research Center for Buddhist Languages is a new organization that aims to develop the terminology that can support transmission of the Buddha's teaching into Western languages. Opportunities include cataloging library materials, developing data bases, and scanning important texts, as well as participating at the early stages of a project of historic significance.

Tibetan Aid Project raises funds for text preservation and other projects that preserve Tibetan culture, including pilgrimages. It also offers educational programs. Internship opportunities and volunteer work in non-profit management, fundraising, event planning and marketing.

Prayer Flag Project creates large, beautiful Tibetan prayer flags flown to share the blessings of realization with all humanity for world peace, and for environmental balance. Volunteers should be skilled in sewing.

Nyingma Trust. The mission is to protect help sustain the Nyingma community in the West. We need volunteers who are familiar with fundraising and event planning, or wish to learn.

Dharma Publishing Bookstore. Dharma Publishing is known world-wide for the quality and integrity of its Buddhist publications. We offer books, art, calendars, malas and other meditation supplies in our onsite bookstore. Volunteers help with staffing, inventory, and sales.

Guna Foundation documents and archives 40 years of Dharma activity in the West and Asia. We are preparing to make documentaries related to the work of the Nyingma organizations. Openings for volunteers with a background in marketing, videoediting, film making and scriptwriting.

Prajna Light Foundation supports educational projects and monasteries for Tibetan monks and refugees. Staff may have the opportunity for travel in Asia.

Light of Buddhadharma Foundation supports restoration of the Buddhist heritage in India, and is also active in Southeast Asia. Projects throughout northern India and in Thailand, Burma, and Sri Lanka.

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