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Learn Spanish in Spain with us - choose from courses in Malaga, Barcelona, Madrid, Granada, Almuñecar and Salamanca.

Studying abroad is an investment, whatsmore being able to speak more than one language nowadays is almost an obligation to find a good job. It's also of course an unforgettable experience on a personal level; you will get to know different people, beautiful places and extraodinary cultures.

The experience of studying a language abroad will broaden your horizons, and living abroad during a period of time really helps you to practice the language from the word "go" for example buying a bus ticket, ordering a coffee, going to the post office, etc. You will be learning the language 24 hours a day. A four week language course in the relevant country is equal to studying the language for one year in your home country.


Learn Spanish? ¡Claro que sí!

The smiles of the locals, the delight of the colours and fragrances, the spicy and flavoursome cuisine: the Spanish summer brings with it an unstoppable frivolity that explodes in sounds, colours, music and fun right left and centre.

In the squares along the seafront of the never-ending beach, in the alleys of the city of art everyone finds their own reason to be there: an event or a concert, a museum or a trendy bar, or, simply wanting to liberate the mind and dedicate yourself to relaxing and to having fun. There's a Spain for everyone; the old Spain with the magic of the moorish style courtyards where silence is only broken by the trinkling of the running water from old fountains, or the modern Spain which displays a variety of trendy bars and clubs from which to choose from be it lively or relaxed.

Spanish is a beautiful language to learn, there's those who study it for passion, tourism, and an ever increasing amount of people that study it for business.


Why learn Spanish in Spain?

Spain is trendy. It's the ideal destination to study Spanish, because of the importance of the language, the beauty of the country, the Spanish outlook on life, the reception of the people and their desire to have a good time.


Locations in Spain 

  • Malaga
  • Barcelona
  • Madrid
  • Granada
  • Almuñecar
  • Salamanca

Come and learn to "live" the Spanish language.

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