Jakeras Learn Spanish & Adventure Travel Program

Jakera's Learn Spanish & Adventure Travel Program is a unique blend of learning Spanish and travelling adventure.

Based in the beautiful Latin American country of Venezuela, a country of huge diversity with golden palm fringed beaches, exotic jungles, spectacular and mysterious mountains, ancient indigenous cultures and the best of exotic Latin!

From our bases at one of Venezuela's best beaches Playa Colorada (the coloured beach!), and Merida (a vibrant, safe, student city) you take adventure travel expeditions while learning Spanish. You can have jeep safaris to the amazing Gran Sabana, hike to the top of Roriama (the lost world), leisurely sea kayak beautiful Caribbean islands and the exotic Orinoco Delta Jungle, and visit remote untouched areas. You can experience the culture of the Warao and Pemon Indians, and see incredible jungle and savannah wildlife. Your Spanish classes won't be in stuffy classrooms but in the 'open air' of the real South America!

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