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We offer the best career opportunities in China including free internship program and work opportunities. 

If you’re thinking about internship in China or pursue studying here, Internship Union is all set to look after your requirements. We offer candidate to hone their potential with our lucrative internship program and also job vacancies for bright future prospects. Our cordial staff and Professional executives will guide you through the right path while helping you to choose the right stream while you are in China.


Enlightening Internship Programs for Candidates

While arranging for the student internships abroad and encouraging the young talents, we believe in each one of them for helping them build a niche of their own internship in China . Our strong bond with our customers guarantee them a complete satisfaction with the opportunities coming their way In fractions. Our training sessions concerning the internship programs in china with the reputed brands have enabled many to choose China as a lucrative platform for their future growth prospects.

In the competitive world, everyone need the best career opportunities in the required field.

People can gain better knowledge and skill with the help of our internship program and job vacancies. We arrange the  student internships abroad  and young talents to build up the ideal relationship with the well-known companies in China. We are tie-up with many leading Enterprises across the China. You can access the free internship program and job vacancies with us at any time. You can fill in the required form for attending the internship program or applying for a job.

We arrange everything that better for the interns and job seekers. You can attend the internship in different industries that benefit for your career. We are the ideal option for those who want the internship or job opportunities. a perfect way.

We are the highly suggested service provider at the present time and give many options to the interns and job seekers You can truly enjoy the internship program or job vacancies. We ensure that all interns who have completed in our program and got A Level can be employed .



  • Internship Program – Marketing internship in international business company
  • Senior level Jobs – we provide senior level jobs in China
  • Culture program – To know Chinese culture well through culture program

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