Through InterAction, organizations and individuals help shape the direction of the U.S. humanitarian and development efforts, from leveraging resources, developing effective partnerships, determining norms of aid effectiveness and protecting the space and environment in which we operate.

The U.S. public shows its support for advancing human dignity and peace in the world through contributions to InterAction members totaling more than twice the amount they receive from the U.S. government. InterAction leverages the impact of this private support by advocating for the expansion of U.S. government investments and by insisting that policies and programs are responsive to the realities of the world’s poorest and most vulnerable populations.

InterAction member organizations collaborate with each other through nearly 30 issue- or regionally focused working groups. These groups provide a forum for information sharing, peer learning, capacity strengthening, development of collective advocacy positions and combining member expertise to produce practical “how to” materials.

Working Groups are a central part of the way InterAction supports and aids its members. Working Groups are first and foremost a place for member agencies to share information that is important to them in several ways:

* by providing a way for member organizations to share information about field-based issues, concerns, and topics;
* by serving as a place for members to receive training and to share best practices with each other; and
* by offering a space for members to develop new products and materials on a given topic.

Working Groups are member driven and supported by InterAction staff (with the exception of a few non-staffed working groups). Members identify an interest, issue area, or need around which they feel their collective voices will clarify or strengthen responses. Depending on the number of member organizations interested, a meeting or consultation is planned to explore the topic and allow members to share their issues and concerns. Such consultations or exploratory meetings may lead to the formation of an on-going Working Group.

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