Gapforce is a leading gap year and career break provider. We specialize in meaningful structured programmes overseas, including rainforest and marine conservation, teaching, healthcare, childcare and infrastructure development.

Gapforce has important principles that continue to guide it as a leader in the gap year industry. Over the years, the organisations within Gapforce have stressed these features. Furthermore, ties with the Year Out Group and Foreign Commonwealth Office help us lead the way with profound vision.

We have developed more than 70 diverse expeditions that span the globe. Apart from being great, balanced expeditions, they are all unique and cater to everyone’s interests. The expeditions are not only exciting and rewarding, but the skills and experience gained are valuable in both personal development and future employment. We also offer paid work placements in many of our locations.  

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Gapforce Reviews

Best time of my life

I went to the Bahamas with Gapforce and the instructors were completely amazing. They introduced me to a completely new world of the blue and I fell in love. My only wish would be that I could go back, and that Gapforce would invest more into the programme to help the instructors out. But as a whole an amazing experience with new experiences that will change lives and allow people to explore new things that could never be seen in Britain. I would encourage anyone to join a trip with Gapforce.

By: Toby Waddilove
Nationality: British
Age: 19


Was very excited to take on this new adventure to wrap up my final year in college. Spent in total $5000 for two weeks volunteering in the Bahamas. Did NOT get to scuba dive because of weather and issues with my diving licence. The team running the place was unprofessional and unwelcoming. Ended up spending $5000 on a VERY cheap vacation worth $500.

By: Taryn
Nationality: Canadian
Age: 22

Africa adventure

I truly recommend Gapforce, had an amazing time in South Africa. It’s great you can choose to have your own time free or to do the activities they have included in Africa adventure programme. Looking forward for another trip with them.

By: Andreea Dumitriu
Nationality: Romanian
Age: 28

Best decision of my life!

Volunteering with Gapforce in the Bahamas was the best experience of my life and I highly recommend the company!

By: Mara
Nationality: German
Age: 20

Bahamas marine conservation

It was a very fantastic experience.
It was so much fun with all those peoples. I would recommend it to everybody, who wants to improve their English skills, be on a beach, with nobody except the volunteers and a few locals, learn how to dive, and something about our environment and the ocean.

By: Gina
Nationality: German
Age: 17

An amazing experience

Doing the south American explore with Gapforce was the best thing I have ever done. Our guide Frank was amazing, I made so many friends and met so many Interesting people from all over the places we went, so much was packed into the 5 weeks I was there, everything was organised and safety was such a key and Frank made sure all of us knew what we were doing and such.

I've crossed off a lot of things from my bucket list from this trip, machu picchu, trekking volcanos and swimming with sea turtles are just a few to name. I would happily go with Gapforce again. While preparing for this trip I was constantly emailing the company and asking questions and they were 100% helpful and I knew I didn't have a worry about missing anything important from the preparation to the travelling. You will not regret going with this company, this was only the beginning of my passion for travel.

By: Ellie
Nationality: British
Age: 23

Africa and Indonesia

Ive had two amazing experiences with Gapforce that I wouldn't trade for the world! I plan on traveling agian with you in the next few years

By: Kylie Cunningham
Nationality: American
Age: 20

Amazing !

The best experience of my life. Loved every minute. The two months were packed with authentic experiences that I will never forget and we always had a chance to suggest any activities we wanted to do.

By: Emily
Nationality: British
Age: 19

One word: Fantastic!

I thoroughly recommend Gapforce to all who are considering!

By: Garry
Nationality: Scottish, British
Age: 19

I loved Gapforce!

For anyone thinking about volunteering abroad, look no further than Gapforce! This past summer, I volunteered with Gapforce's Thailand Adventure program and loved every minute of it. The month-long program included teaching children English, working at an elephant sanctuary, helping with beach conservation, and an introduction into Siam culture. Through my volunteering, I made life-long friendships, explored the 'local side' of Thailand's culture, learned Thai language, explored breathtaking temples and the picturesque landscapes, and gave back to the local community.

By: Courtney
Nationality: American
Age: 23

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