Friends of Waldorf Education

Support Waldorf schools and kindergartens, anthroposophy-based institutions for handicapped people and other initiatives for education and social work.

Since 1976 we promote Waldorf education around the globe. Thus far we have been able to support more than 830 Waldorf initiatives worldwide. Each year 1.800 young people commit to a voluntary service and by the worldwide student campaign WOW-Day children get enabled to go to school. All our donations are forwarded at 100 %. Furthermore, our emergency education program conducts urgently needed rehabilitation campaigns in many conflict areas.


Voluntary Service

Since 1993 the organisation Friends of Waldorf Education has been offering a variety of volunteering and community services worldwide, in Germany, and for people living abroad in Germany (Incoming).


Areas of Service

The majority of our volunteer positions are in anthroposophic communal homes for people who, require special care and attention. The communities are based on a climate of friendship and respect.

The people cared for here, learn to live with their disabilities. They discover and improve their abilities in specialized training and workshops. In addition to caring for people with special needs, volunteers have the oppurtunity to learn about diverse workshops (wood, pottery, candle, weaving etc.) and to get to know cultural projects. 

Most of our placements are in the following work areas:

Social Therapy

  • social therapeutic living communities as well as workshops

Curative Education

  • curative educational kindergardens and nursery schools, curative educational children and youth homes and schools; Camphill schools; youth and residential educational homes

Waldorf Education

  • Waldorf kindergardens and intercultural kindergartens with inclusion groups; Waldorf after-school programmes and schools with inculsion classes

Homes for the elderly

  • Care and assistance of the elderly; caretaking and housekeeping

Biodynamic agriculture

Biodynamical farms and gardens in connection with social therapy; animal supported pedagogy



Before and during their voluntary service, volunteers receive the following benefits:

  • Assistance during the visa application process
  • At least 200 Euros per month in pocket money
  • Room and board in Germany
  • Insurances (health, accident, third-party liability insurance, social insurance if applicable)
  • Pedagogical and administrative support and accompainment
  • 25 days of accompanied seminars, as well as travel costs to the seminars
  • A certificate at the end of the service

Unfortunately, cost coverage of the flight to Germany and back is only possible in some programs. In these programs we have only a few places. Most volunteers have to finance the trip to Germany and back themselves. A financial support (scholarship) is possible.



The following requirements are important to us: 

  • Social motivation, engagement, personal initiative
  • Openness to new cultural and professional environment
  • Practical experience (see internship)
  • Willingness to work full-time for 12 months
  • Basic knowledge of the German language (see German skills)
  • Minumum age of 18 years
  • Permenant residence outside of Germany (see visa)

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