DiscoveryLand Camp

DiscoveryLand Camp is a leadership overnight non-profit summer camp near Toronto in Ontario, Canada.

60+ fun-filled programs and activities that form a great eco-adventure for kids & teens through leadership, sports, art, and weight management on beautiful shores of Lake Huron.

As we enter our 14th year, we are proud to offer one of the most unique life-altering summer experiences in a magnificent outdoor setting for youth.


Camp Location

Our summer camp is located at a natural oasis in the midst of southern Ontario, approximately two and a half hours west of Toronto, on the shores of Lake Huron, close to Goderich city. Here on Lake Huron, vast waves of sand dunes roll back from the shore to meet groups of towering oaks.

With incredible wildlife, natural wonders and excellent bird watching, it is a “natural room with a view”  an environmental paradise! The long sandy beach offers the best swimming. The beauty and majesty of this natural wonder is breathtaking. Some evenings we gather along the beach of the Lake Huron to watch changing colours of the best sunsets in Ontario.


Our Staff

Safety is our first priority. All of DiscoveryLand Camp’s staff undergoes a strict safety-training program in order to guarantee a protected and secure campground.


Summer Camp Program

DiscoveryLand Camp is called an adventure camp as we have many programs with an emphasis on skill development and personal growth through adventures.

By filling out the application form, the camper is automatically enrolled in a mix of all available programs, classes and activities, while Boot Camp and Leadership Certification Programs are optional and should be specifically marked in the registration form.

We offer 11 learning fun activities:

  • Leadership
  • Business School
  • Green Living Experience
  • Multi-Sport Activities
  • Outdoor Adventure
  • Physical Conditioning
  • Land Sports
  • Shows
  • Art
  • Dance
  • Craft Creative Projects
  • English Class

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