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Deeper Missions is a non-profit organization that implements solar energy, clean water, and sanitation projects in Sierra Leone.

We have been operating in Sierra Leone for three years but our team of organizers has been traveling in the country for much longer. We offer volunteers the opportunity to take part in our projects and connect with the communities we work with in Sierra Leone. 


We Provide Life-Changing Travel Opportunities For Volunteers

Deeper Missions is a non-profit organization committed to improving the livelihoods of communities in Sierra Leone through solar energy, clean water, and sanitation projects. As part of our mission, we provide volunteer opportunities for individuals to learn about Sierra Leone and to contribute towards communities throughout the country. 

Deeper Missions has been in operation for three years. Our team has a combination of regional expertise as well as technical expertise to intall infrastructure for schools, hospitals, and public institutions that do no have access to affordable and reliable electricity and clean water. 

Deeper Missions also sponsors the Hope for Kakua program which provides support for the Ebert Kakua School for the Deaf. Volunteers interested in deaf education are especially welcome to volunteer and connect with deaf students and the deaf community in Sierra Leone.

Past volunteers have worked on installing solar energy panels, gaining technical expertise while contributing to rural communities in Sierra Leone. Other volunteers have gained skills in construction through assisting in the construction of sanitation facilities and environmentally friendly enviro loos. 


Who Volunteers With Us?

We have hosted a number of volunteers interested in international development, Africa, environmental studies, energy, deaf education, public health, and engineering. Our volunteers come from all sorts of backgrounds and age ranges and are tied by their desire to volunteer on projects that can have a positive impact on communities. 


Why Volunteer With Us?

We have been in operation for three years and have been traveling throughout Sierra Leone for much longer. You will be traveling with a team of volunteers who have traveled extensively throughout the country for years. Because of our long-term volunteers, we have a strong, positive relationship with the communities where we serve and we are committed to facilitating an experience that will be a life-changing experience for volunteers while providing life-saving aid for rural communities. 


Why Volunteer In Sierra Leone?

Sierra Leone is an English speaking West African nation and is a very safe place to visit. Sierra Leone is home to a number of ethnic groups and language groups providing volunteers with the opportunity to learn about West African music, dance, and culture. Sierra Leone is currently recovering from the civil war and is rapidly developing. Volunteers have to opportunity to work on development projects in Sierra Leone during this period of economic development and take part in the recovery and rebuilding of communities.

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