Every year we need over 5,000 volunteers to help run our Christmas centres which help homeless people during the festive period.

Crisis Christmas is now the largest volunteer-run charity event in the country. Based in London, from 23- 30 December, it offers support to over 2000 homeless and vulnerably housed people. Your help is needed to run the centres and with essential support service roles.

Crisis began over 40 years ago as a volunteer-led organisation and much of our work would not be possible without the support of thousands of volunteers. Today, volunteers play a crucial role, working with homeless people, providing essential administrative support or raising crucial funds.


Working with Crisis

There are 400,000 hidden homeless people in the UK today - can you help them find their way back into society? These are people living in hostels, squats and bed and breakfast accommodation or sleeping on the floors of friends and family. Many are struggling with problems such as unemployment, family breakdown, mental ill health and substance abuse.

Crisis believes that every homeless person has a right to the support and opportunities they need to fulfil their potential as human beings, and our staff are committed to making this happen. We do this using our skills, compassion, and a dedication to understanding our client group.


Crisis has a wide variety of volunteer opportunities in the UK

  • Volunteer at Crisis Head Office
  • Volunteer at Crisis Skylight
  • Volunteer at Shops from Crisis
  • Volunteer at Crisis Community and Events
  • Volunteer with Crisis at Christmas in London
  • Volunteer with Christmas Collections


Volunteering with Crisis at Christmas

Crisis at Christmas is running in Birmingham, Coventry, Edinburgh, London, Newcastle.

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Crisis Reviews

Really Worthwhile Experience

I volunteered at a Crisis center over Christmas in North London, it was an eye opening experience and I would highly recommend if you would like to do something rewarding. All the of the staff and other volunteers were fantastic and it was really interesting speaking to and learning more about the people visiting. Crisis are a fantastic organisation and the work they do is inspirational.

By: Paul
Nationality: British
Age: 26

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