Amazon Learning

Amazon Learning is an organization that facilitates immersive, experiential education programs in the Ecuadorian Amazon. 

Our programs bring people to the Amazon to work with local farmers, individuals, associations, organizations, and government institutions and support on-going projects. We offer a variety of customized experiences, from short-term student and group programs to internships that last from one to six months.

Our goal is to foster cross-cultural communication skills, create positive local and global impact, and contribute to the preservation of local cultures and the conservation of the forest. 


After being accepted to our internships, our team of experts matches participants with a host family and one or more partner organizations. Amazon Learning customizes internship opportunities in the following areas:

  • Social Entrepreneurship with Indigenous Cacao Farmers
  • Amazonian Traditional Medicine, Herbalism, and Ethnobotany
  • Amazonian Forest Foods and Culinary Arts
  • Amazonian Arts
  • Climate Change Mitigation, Agroforestry, and Forest Conservation
  • Public Health Medical Placement
  • Galapagos: Sustainable Food Systems, Agriculture, and Conservation 

Our organization also customizes short-term programs for families, high-school students, college students, and more. We organize 8-day wellness retreats, family excursions, and even a midwifery and Amazonian medicine workshop!

Duration / Dates

All year round. Applicants are accepted on a rolling basis, and our team customizes the internship or program duration depending on applicants' availability.

Costs / Pay

Internships are $250 per week, except for the Galapagos internship which is $300 per week. Prices for short-term and customized programs are determined on a case-by-case basis according to the needs, activities, and length of stay of the group.

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