Useful Polish Words & Phrases for Visiting Poland

Useful Polish Words & Phrases for Visiting Poland

Planning a break to Poland? Most internatonal tourists do not learn the language before arriving which is a shame as if you pick up a few of the basic words and phrases you will get a much easier and more enjoyable experience. If you are keen to master a few basic words and expressions in Polish then our phrases for travelers will help.

Not many local people speak English especially outside of the larger cities and there are so many reasons you should at least try to grasp the basics. This is ideal if you are planning a short weeking break and want to make sightseeing and getting around easier and will also help with integration if you are going to work or study in Poland



  • Hi – Czesc 
  • Good morning – Dzien dobry 
  • Good evening – Dobry wieczor
  • Goodnight – dobranoc 
  • Bye – Czesc 


Basic Polite Phrases

  • Please – Prosze 
  • Thank you – Dziekuje 
  • I’m sorry – Przepraszam 
  • Excuse me – Przepraszam 



  • Yes – Tak
  • No – Nie 
  • My name is 'James' - Mam na imie 'James'
  • I don't speak Polish – Nie mowie po polsku 
  • Do you speak English? - Czy mówi Pan po angielsku?
  • I don’t understand - Nie rozumiem
  • English language - Język angielski
  • Please write it down – Prosze to napisac 



  • Single room – Pokoj jednoosobowy 
  • Double room - Dwuosobowy 
  • Bathroom – Lazienka 
  • Check-in / checkout – Zameldowanie / wymeldowanie 
  • Reception – Recepcja 



  • Price – Cena 
  • How much for this? – Ile to kosztuje? 
  • Can I pay by credit card? – Czy moge zaplacic karta? 


Transport & Getting Around

  • Airport – Lotnisko 
  • Flight – Lot 
  • Train – Pociag 
  • Train station – Dworzec kolejowy 
  • Bus – Autobus 
  • Bus station – Dworzec autobusowy 
  • Ticket office – Kasa biletowa 
  • One ticket to (Warsaw) – Bilet do (Warsaw) 
  • Return ticket – Bilet powrotny 



  • How can I get to... – Jak moge dojsc do... 
  • Street – Ulica 
  • Square – Plac
  • Right – Prawo
  • Left – Lewo 


Food, Drink & Going Out

  • Restaurant – Restauracja 
  • Waiter – Kelner
  • Waitress - Kelnerka
  • Dinner – Obiad
  • Menu – Menu 
  • Wine – Wino 
  • Vegetarian – Wegetarianskie 
  • Where are the toilets? – Gdzie jest toaleta? 
  • One beer please – Jedno piwo prosze 
  • Cheers! - na zdrowie! 
  • Can I have the bill please? – Prosze o rachunek 


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