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Polish people see learning English as the key to a bright future, if they learn to write and speak it will enhance their job prospects in Poland and abroad. There are lots of TEFL jobs available to join in Poland at schools, instiutions or giving private lessons in places like Krakow, Warsaw and Poznan. You can also find teaching jobs at private language institutes which hire native English speakers all year round. 


Teaching, Language & TEFL Jobs in Poland

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Guide to Teaching English in Poland

Poland is very easy to get to and there has never been a better time to plan a trip to teach here, there is the option to take an in-country TEFL course or seek English teaching employment. Since Poland joined the EU in 2004 there has been a mini exodus of the local population with over 1 million Poles now living in places like the UK and Ireland, many people are keen to learn / improve their English to get ahead career wise.

Poland can be quite a difficult country to find English teaching work especially compared to other countries in Eastern Europe. You could find yourself teaching employees or youngsters English or Business English which will help them with their studies or career. Teaching wages for Poland can be quite low around 2500 Zlotis (£500) per month but this will be enough to cover your living costs. If you need any advice about teaching abroad in Poland contact us.

Poland has a fascinating history, lots of places to visit and attracts TEFL teachers from all around the world. If you would you like to get paid to work as an English language teacher at a school in Poland and also experience Eastern Europe as a local then view our guide to teaching English in Poland today.


Popular Places to Teach in Poland

The two biggest destinations are Warsaw and Krakow but where you go really depends on what type of experience you are looking for e.g. city living or rural communities. There are other cities you could choose like Wroclaw or small locations like Gdansk, Gdynia, Lodz, Poznan and Sopot. There are also lots of language schools in cities like Rzeszow where you can find employment leading English lessons. We highly recommend Rzeszow to teach English in, its smaller the capital but has a great vibe and good nightlife.  


Where to Seek TEFL Employment


Private Language Schools, State Primary and Secondary Schools

There are a range of institutions and places you can work in Poland, the most popular is to work at a normal school. When working in a school you will usually be required to teach for 20-30 hours per week but the wages can be lower than teaching at private schools. Once you have secured employed with a school sometimes you will need to sign a contract which can include a housing allowance. Jobs with airfare and health coverage are usually extremely difficult to get but usually you will be paid for holidays.



Local and international businesses in Poland hire teachers throughout the year to help train staff, sometimes places can be difficult to get find and competiton is high. If you work in this area usually lessons are after work hours and pay can vary.


Private Lessons

Depending on how many connections you make you could work more/less hours when giving private lessons. How much you get paid can vary, generally people ask for £5 - £20 ($9 - $25) per hour.


Summer Camps

This is a good way to teach, meet new people and also have a lot of fun. Children attend educational camps where they can imporve their English and because of this international teachers are hired. You will need to be creative, a good team player, be able to interact with youngsters and be able to commit for a period usually ranging from 2 to 12 weeks during summer time.


Language Schools

You could children and adults at a language school in Poland. Some private language schools can be quite picky for the staff they hire, they usually want experienced tuitors.


Best Time to Apply for Jobs

This is a year round destination but generally you will stand a better chance of getting a job during July, August and September. This is when the main recruitment for schools takes place with the start of the term in August / September. The earlier you arrive the better chance of making contacts with employers. If you have experience of a TEFL certification you will be at an advantage. There are positions advertised online but always check authenticity and past teacher feedback. If you are lacking previous roles you might like to apply for volunteering programs in Poland to get hands on experience and a foothold in the industry.


Visa, Qualifications and Eligibility

You will need a work visa and usually a TEFL certification to teach in Poland. Sometimes a CELTA / Trinity certification will be required. There is the option to take a TEFL course or higher qualifications like a CELTA class in Poland, this is a great way to base yourself, establish links, meet good contacts and also find your ideal teaching location. You might also want to take a local Polish language course in Poland to help communicate better with local people.


Salary for Teaching in Poland

As a TEFL teacher in Poland you can expect to earn around £1000 ($1500) per month, this is approx (5,000 zl in local currency. This might seem a little lower than other English teaching destinations in Europe but also remember the cost of living is really low so you should be able to save money after taking into account food and accommodation. 


TEFL Jobs in Poland

Cost of Living

We expect you should be able to live on around £500 ($900) per month which will include food, accommodation and activities. If you are at a bar, cafe or restuarant you can expect to pay around £1.00 (5zl) for a beer and double that for a food out. Prices outside Krakow and the capital Warsaw are lower than in these two cities and to save money you might want to shop at local markets and avoid alcohol.


Top Tips

  • When working as a teacher in Poland you will need to dress formally and smart especially for school placements. But for private lessons these can bea  bit more flexible but still its always good to make a good impression
  • A good tip is to get ahead of the crowds is to always try to make contact with current/past teachers too, their links might help you get a job
  • Poland might be in Europe, but the culture and country might be different to what you are used to so always read country guides and view pictures to see if this destination appeals to you


Poland TEFL Reviews

"I went to teach in Poland in 2015 and loved it. I applied through an agency which had a country representive who was very helpful." - Sam, Australia



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