Top 5 Things to Do In Dallas

Top 5 Things to Do In Dallas

Dallas is a wonderful city that is easy to navigate through and has many small neighborhoods that are worth a visit. The city can be seen in a weekend, which makes it the perfect weekend getaway for all you cheap travellers! However, some things in Dallas can simply not be missed, from the beautiful spiral chapel to the botanical garden. Yes, everything is bigger in Texas! 



1. Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Garden

Easily the most romantic, gorgeous, and heavenly smelling area of Dallas, this botanical garden will not disappoint. Overlooking a large lake, the garden is a common place for multiple weddings, proposals, and dates. The area provides ample amounts of beautiful sitting areas, gazebos, and fountains for your enjoyment. The entrance fee is $15, but don’t let the price tag stop you, it’s definitely a must see! 



Trammell_margaret_crow_collection_of_asian_art, Dallas

2. Trammell & Margaret Crow Collection of Asian Art

One of the most remarkable things you will notice when you visit Dallas is the rich and extensive Asian influences, whether through the food or art. Crow Collection is a great example of fabulous art that can be seen for FREE! This museum is a must see and is filled with an extensive collection of art, sculptures, scripture, and tapestry. For a first time visitor, an hour is at least needed to spend soaking up all of the wonderful history that this museum has to offer. 



Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge, Dallas

3. Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge

Although it is definitely hard to miss this bridge, many people might miss the opportunity to walk by it. It’s not possible to actually walk on the bridge, but there is a nice walkway that overlooks the downtown area and the bridge. It’s a nice place to take a relaxing stroll while admiring the beautiful architecture of the buildings on one side and the Dallas wilderness on the other. Beware if you visit this place during the summer because there is VERY little shade provided on this walkway! 



Chapel of Thanksgiving, Dallas

4. The Chapel of Thanksgiving

Perhaps one of the most unusual chapels you’ll ever visit, the Chapel of Thanksgiving is known for its spiral stained glass ceiling. Perfect Instagram worthy photos will be in your future if you visit this wonderfully delight chapel. Placed in the middle of Thanks-Giving Square, the chapel is small with one or two seats, but provides visitors with a peaceful escape from the hustle and bustle of downtown Dallas.



Giant eyeball Dallas

5. Giant Eyeball

Ever since 2013, the eyeball has watched countless visitors walk through Downtown Dallas. Probably the most unique landmark in Dallas, the eyeball was supposedly based on the eyeball of the actual creator. Interesting, quirky, and wonderfully random are all fantastic reasons why you cannot miss this eyeball. Hopefully when you visit it the construction around the eyeball will be finished!


By Alexandra DiBenigno



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