Things to Know Before Booking a Tour in Asia

Things to Know Before Booking a Tour in Asia

Asia is an incredible continent to explore and by booking a tour, you can really enhance your experience. But there are lots of important things to be aware of before booking that can really help you enjoy the trip of your life.

Here are 10 things to consider before you book a dream trip to explore Asia:


1. Is It Better to Book a Tour or Go Solo?

Asia is one of the cheapest continents in the world and travelling here is really good value for money. Usually, arranging everything independently works out cheaper than booking an organised tour. For example, accommodation and transport are generally a lot more cost-effective if you directly buy them from local companies. 

You also get a lot more flexibility and independence. For example, you can choose your own schedule and go where you want when you want. You might also need to share a room or accommodations with someone unless you pay an extra fee.  

However, there are lots of advantages when going for the organised route, including getting a structured experience with other people and not having to worry about making decisions, such as where to go and what to do. Check out more positive points about going the organised route in point 2 below.


2. Benefits of Organised Tours

These are just some of the reasons you might want to consider booking a tour:

  • Get an experienced English-speaking guide
  • Travel in a group and make new friends from around the world
  • Get most things included in the price like accommodation, transport and some meals
  • Hassle-free; wake up and get taken to the best places
  • Go off the beaten track
  • Learn more about the places you visit
  • In-country help and support (perfect especially if you have any emergencies)
  • Tours can be a lot of fun


3. What Month to Visit

Would you like to visit Asia during the peak heat of summer? Or would you prefer to visit when the weather is cooler?

Seasons in Asia include:

  • Summer: June to August
  • Autumn: September to November
  • Winter: December to February
  • Spring: March to May


4. Where to Go in Asia

Asia is a huge continent and each country offers a different experience. Southeast Asia is very popular, with Thailand attracting millions of visitors every year. For history and tradition, you might want to consider China or Japan; for wildlife and beaches, Malaysia and Indonesia are amazing. Research all destinations before departing to see what interests you as this can make or break your trip.

Also, you will need to check how much time you have available when it comes to which destination is best. For example, you could spend weeks exploring China, which is a huge country, but in that same period you could also book a multi-destination trip in other smaller countries, seeing more places in the same itinerary.


5. Which Company to Book With

There are hundreds of local and international companies offering Asia tours, including Contiki, G Adventures, and Intrepid Travel, just to name a few. Some trips can last for weeks and months, whilst others can be joined for a day or less.

Prices can vary depending on the destination, duration, and trip style. Local tour operators are generally much better value for money as they don't have the overheads of the larger international companies. However, the international companies have reputation and can usually guarantee departures.


6. How Old You Are

Every tour company caters to different audiences. For example, one of the leading youth travel operators, Contiki, offer trips exclusively to people aged 18-30, whilst other operators, both local and international, provide trips for all ages. You might want to check out the age ranges of groups before booking just to make sure you are with other like-minded people.


7. The Type of Experience You Are Looking For

There are lots of different types of trips available, from private options to epic overland bus trips. Some operators offer specific options, such as cycling, walking, and hiking tours, whilst others focus on general small group sightseeing packages.

Some companies offer small group overland tours, which are the most popular types of trips, but others offer different options, including island hopping, safaris, cycling, and adventure activities. Some operators also offer combo experiences, such as sightseeing and volunteer programs in Asia.


8. How to Book

You can search companies on Google, such as a website like TripsPoint, which helps you book and review unique local tours around the world, or search our featured Asia trips. 


9. Check Reviews

Before making a booking, always check feedback of the company and trip you are thinking about going on. This is to give you peace of mind that the company you are keen to book with is reputable. 


10. Asia is Incredible

Asia is an amazing continent with so many different countries, cultures, people, and experiences. No matter where you go, you are sure to have an incredible time. If you have never been to Asia before, you will fall in love with this continent. Try to enjoy every moment of the trip. 


Do you have any experiences or advice for anyone looking to book a tour to Asia? Let us know in the comments section below.