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Camp Leaders provides the opportunity for people from around the world, to work with children at summer camps in the United States, and to travel afterwards. Your dream summer job in the USA awaits YOU! Have an amazing adventure in America this summer with Camp Leaders.

Summer camp is a unique tradition that provides a safe and fun environment for children to develop both physical and social skills.

You could be part of an international team working at an American Summer Camp as an activity counselor. You'll be developing your leadership skills as you mentor and teach skills and activities to young people in America. After camp, you can then continue your journey and explore America with the new friends you'll have met during your summer.

Working at a camp will, without doubt, be the most rewarding, challenging and unforgettable job you'll ever have. You'll work hard and you'll do so in amazing surroundings, whilst having great fun, making enough new friends to last a lifetime!

With over 10 years experience in placing international staff at a wide variety of American Summer Camps by choosing Camp Leaders, you'll be choosing a hassle free experience with friendly experienced staff to help you get started on your journey. Explore America! Go With The Leaders!


Benefits of participating in this cultural exchange program:

  • A confirmed placement at camp before you
  • head to America
  • Careful placements created to suit both you
  • and your camp
  • Friends that last a life time
  • Time to travel after camp


Camp Leaders has additional promises to you:

1. You can head to camp from just £299.00 including your placement, meals & accommodation, medical insurance, our support and much more.

2. You can upgrade and get your flights included too. Flighta are booked individually, giving you the option to leave from different places in the UK and you will also have flexibility to change your flights when you are in the USA.

3. This is their 15th summer sending counselors to camp. They have more staff in our UK office than anyone other agency and have ALL been to camp, which means that they'll give you the right level of help and support throughout the process.

Duration / Dates

9 - 11 weeks over the summer

Costs / Pay

From £299!

Contact Info

Tel: (44)-151-708-6868

Address : 24-26 Mount Pleasant, Liverpool, L3 5RY, England

Contact / Enquiry

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Camp Leaders Reviews


I would recommend Camp Leaders to anyone considering a summer camp placement, the service they offer is first class. Having dealt with them as both a first time and return applicant, I can't fault the application process

By: Stuart Thomson
Nationality: Scottish
Age: 20

Best experience

Going to camp was one of the most incredible experiences of my life! It has completely changed me as a person - I've tried new things, met new people and have just had a great time. Summer of a lifetime ❤️

By: Tash
Nationality: English
Age: 20

Couldn't have picked a better company!

Camp leaders helped me every step of the way to get to my Camp this summer and I would recommend them to anyone looking a summer placement. Top quality service.

By: Darryl McNicholl
Nationality: Irish
Age: 19

Camp Leaders help every step of the way

Camp Leaders were so good in helping me on my first solo trip to the U.S.A. I was placed at Paradise Point Camp, an amazing camp in McCall, Idaho and spent two summers there. The team at camp leaders answered all of my questions and queries and helped me with each step of the way inc visas and arrangements and prep days. I would strongly advise choosing them as a company! They are cheaper than other similar companies which brings the overall costs down.

By: Nicola Shonick
Nationality: British
Age: 22

Best 3 years of my life

I've been a part of the Camp Leaders programme for 3 years and havent regretted it once! Travelling to the states for 3 months every single summer is the best thing you could ever do! Why stay in the UK in the cold when you can be in the heat and sun of the USA. Camp Leaders also provides an opportunity to give back to you through their ambassadors team which anyome who has worked 1 summer can join! From their you can join their National team where they'll pay you and going back each summer is easier than ever!!

By: Sam Wheeler
Nationality: British
Age: 21

Summer in the USA Experience

I applied to work in the USA with Camp Leaders sister company Smaller Earth through their Czech office. Before flying to the USA I was given all the necessary information and the experience was really enjoyable. I got to live in the USA, earn money, make friends and then travel which was the highlight of my time abroad. It is really is worth applying.

By: Bohuslav Moc
Nationality: Czech
Age: 24

Best summer ever.

I decided to participate in Camp Leaders program and it was the best decision in my life. I don't regret a single minute I spent on the US. I worked at a camp where since my first day I felt at home and I was welcomed as someone who they knew for a long time. I made a lot of new friendships and most of the continued after the summer ended and continues to this day. Work in a friendly atmosphere was a pleasure and a trip after was a memorable experience. It all wouldn't be possible without Camp Leaders who helped me with my application and in case of any doubts or problem ALWAYS offered professional and individual help. I felt safe going to and later living in the States knowing they are experienced and helpful organization. I'm going back to the US With Camp Leaders this year what I think is the best way to prove how amazing they are.

By: Ewa
Nationality: Polish
Age: 22

5+ Summers in the USA with Camp Leaders

I couldn't recommend Camp Leaders highly enough, it is easy to apply, affordable and you will have the summer of your life. I first went to work at camp back in 2013 which was my first time overseas and I am now set for my 5th time next summer!

Camp Leaders are professional and will help you every step of the way with the application process. If you are looking to spend the summer (or more) of a lifetime abroad choose Camp Leaders. Thanks to their knowledge, guidance and friendly approach I have had the best summers ever!

By: Chris
Nationality: UK
Age: 24

Camp Leaders Summer Camp USA Review

This summer I spent 2 months working as a camp counselor in New Jersey with Camp Leaders. The job is amazing and never gets boring, every day is exciting and you will get to go on so many adventures. All the camp staff and campers were fantastic and helped me to learn so much about the USA and their culture.

Camp Leaders helped arrange the whole experience and I felt that they actually cared. I really got to improve my English skills and was able to travel around the USA when the job finished. I would recommend Camp Leaders to anyone looking to work abroad as you will get an incredible experience you will never forget.

By: Eszter Sohajda
Nationality: Hungarian
Age: 21

Best Summer of My Life!

I have spent 5 summers working at a summer camp through Camp Leaders. The experience of living and working in the States has really enriched me and has given my a second home. I have also made lifelong friends!

By: Vivi
Nationality: Hungarian
Age: 25

Life Changing

When I was looking at doing Camp America I came across Camp Leaders and spent a summer working in West Virginia. The whole application process with Camp Leaders was really easy and I got placed at Camp Hidden Meadows. Camp Leaders even had people come over to camp to check all the staff were enjoying the experience. I'm now working in Canada through their partner company Smaller Earth and really loving it!

By: Mark Robinson
Nationality: New Zealand
Age: 24

Don't hesitate to apply!

Last summer was one of my bests experience in my life! I would recommend Camp Leaders to anyone because they are very helpful and always ready to solve any kind of problem! If you are still thinking about to apply for the program or you just can't decide between the agencies.. I can tell you that they are the best choice and this will be your best summertime with Camp Leaders! :)

By: Szimonetta Szabo
Nationality: Hungarian
Age: 23


I would definitely recommend camp leaders to anyone who would want to have the summer of a lifetime I spent the summer working in New York at a camp for disabilities it had changed the way I view thing you meet the most amazing people from around the world that will become your best friends , camp leaders is an amazing agency to go through as they will email each month checking in on how you are doing I'm so looking forward to returning to camp for another year with friends that you call family ❤️

By: Shannen doran
Nationality: Irish
Age: 21

Best summer ever

The most incredible summer! I was a last minute recruit & camp leaders helped me every step of the way. I was so nervous, especially with the visa but they were so patient.

It was the most amazing summer. I cannot wait to go back. You really do meet the best people ever. 110% recommend going.

By: Crystal
Nationality: Australian
Age: 25

Summer of rewards

The summer I spent working at an American summer camp, was the best thing that has ever happened in my life. And the process to get me there, was smoth and easy with the constant support of the Camp leaders team. I went in expecting to teach many new skills to willing participants of the summer camp sessions, but was rewarded with learning millions of new things that have helped me in everyday life since being home. The friends you make, the activities you participate in and helping the numerous kiddos through their first adventures is something you can’t put a price on.

By: Stacie
Nationality: Austrlaian
Age: 22


In 2015 took the leap to go travelling by myself, first step summer camp. Working at the camp was magical, the people from all around the world you meet and the lives you change. Wish I could go back, just work commitments have made it a little difficult.

By: Brodie Liddell
Nationality: Australian
Age: 22

Camp Leaders Hungary

Summer of 2017 was the best one of my life. I met a lot of amazing people, I learnt a lot about different nations in the camp. I was a member of great housekeeping crew and I loved working with them. I enjoyed every single day there. And after 70days in the camp I discovered beautiful places in the USA eg. New York, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Grand Canyon, Washington DC, Philadelphia, Niagara Falls. I will never forget those days, they gave me memories for a life. A truly recommend to everyone to participate in this super program.
Be more!

By: Eszter Toth
Nationality: Hungarian
Age: 21

Best Experience

Camp Leaders helped me reach my Gap Year dreams of working at a Summer Camp in USA. They were so professional from the first minute I applied until the minute I arrived back on home soil! I have recommended this company to many people since returning and they have all relayed to me that they had the same positive experience!

By: Henry Lynch
Nationality: Australian
Age: 21

Camp Leaders

It was one of my best choice to join Camp Leaders and spend a summer in the USA. I had a chance to get to know a new culture and make friends all over the world. I spent 12 weeks in the camp. It was the best 12 weeks. Even we worked so hard, we had so much fun.
If you yould like to have a memorable summer join Camp Leaders. You will not regret it.

By: Viktoria Horvath
Nationality: Hungarian
Age: 22


I've spent the last summer at the US participating at the campleaders program. Their logo is 'summer like no other' and the experience what they gave me was true to this. The team was so well-prepaired , helpful and kind.
I'm about to spend the next summer with them again and I think this is the best recommendation what I can give.
For conclusion this was the best summer of my life , everyone who has a desire to travel to the US and work with kids has to try it!:)

By: Stefania Menik
Nationality: Hungarian
Age: 21

Camp Leaders were great but I didn't like my camp

Camp Leaders do a good job in helping people to work and travel abroad, they really are amazing and I don't have a bad word to say about them. I didn't though have a good experience at my camp in Arkansas, it was an Orthodox Christian camp and they treated us like children. They took our phones away and we could only use the computer for an hour per day which made it difficult to keep in touch with family back home. If we also didn't choose to go to bible study we also couldn't use computers.

Travelling after camp was amazing and I'm very happy for my experience in the United States. I also met lots of other people who loved their camps so again it really depends on the camp to how your summer goes. I just recommend choosing your camp carefully and if you don't feel comfortable don't accept the placement, I wouldn't want other people to be placed at a religious camp and really not like it.

By: Anonymous
Nationality: Czech
Age: 21

Everything is possible

I am so overwhelmed about how great Your organisation is. I got so much help from Camp Leaders team in Poland. Thanks to them i made my dreams true and in this year i am coming back. Seriously it is the best what You can get from life so if there is anyone who's reading this and hesitate if it's right choice and if it's safe, i can recommend it to everyone from the bottom of my heart. I am so so happy i could join to my happy camp family i met so many great friends for life and i keep in mind all of those great adventures in usa. I am so so in love in everything what camp gave me.

By: Karolina
Nationality: Polish
Age: 22

Camp Counselor

I had the best summer of my life last year. I've always dreamt of visiting America, but I could not afford the travel. Then suddenly I got interested in the event in my city. I knew what kind of promoting event it will be. I spoke to ambassadors about position as camp counselor and when I came back home I registered to Camp Leaders' website. Since then everything was a long process full of formalities. However, I decided: It's now or never! Do or die! And I've done all the steps, I even went on 7hours journey to get to know Camp Directors from the USA. Although Camp Leaders process to get the employment and go to America was time consuming it was worth doing. It became easier with their help and I felt like I live by it on daily basis.
I only visited four States but I wanted to explore them properly. In America I realized that I have so many undiscovered dreams that are waiting for me to make them come true. I gained much more confidence, leadership skills and courage. I overcame fear of hights and went skydiving with my group from Poland. I've done many crazy and extreme things that I would never be courageous enough to do at my country. I am thankful for having the opportunity to travel in United States and meeting new people from around the world.
What I can suggest to anyone hesitating if they go or not. Don't think about it, do it! ;)

By: Dominika
Nationality: Polish
Age: 27

Best Summers of my life

100% would recommend Camp leaders if you want to go and experience working in a Summer Camp in America.I have gone three summers with them and the process was so easy, they helped me with everything and were always on call. Really friendly staff and prepped me well before going over. Honestly had the best summers ever over there, made so many new friends and memories. Big big thanks to Camp leaders for making it all happen!!

By: Rosie Timmon
Nationality: Irish
Age: 23

Great experience

Super organised service, even better experience - once in life you have to do this!

By: Kamila
Nationality: Polish
Age: 26

Best summers ever!

Best summers of my life, had an incredible experience throughout with Camp Leaders. Would definitely recommend.

By: Laura
Nationality: Irish
Age: 25


There is no secret, work at camp is hard( specially in kitchen) but during your summer you will meet new friends/ new summer family from all over the world. It was summer of my life. I had great time, that’s why I decided to go back to my camp and work again. Polish Camp Leaders all the time, If I had any problems help me or explained everything that I was prepared to travel

By: Kasia
Nationality: Poland
Age: 24

Excellent Customer Service

I am about to set off for my third summer at camp and could never have done it without Camp Leaders. The service provided is always prompt, and the staff cheerful, informative, and enthusiastic. The website and application process is easy to use and understand, and the detailed notes and guides provided (e.g what to do to prepare for your visa appointment) are incredibly helpful, even as a returner, as it’s hard to remember all of the little details. I would never go to camp through any other company. Thanks to Camp Leaders I have had two of the best summers of my life at Camp Courageous (Ohio) and I’m looking forward to making more lasting memories in just over a month’s time. Thank you everyone at Camp Leaders for all of the help and assistance, and for sending me to camp where I have been humbled and inspired a thousand times over, and made best friends for life from all over the world.

By: Rachael Miller
Nationality: Scottish
Age: 20

Life changing experience

When I looked for a job in America I never thought it was going to be as wonderful as it is. Working in a summer camp it’s awesome and so much fun that you don’t feel you are working at all! It completely change my way to see life, confidence, compassion and so many things that you have to experience!

By: Paulina
Nationality: México
Age: 21

Campleaders are very helpful

This summer I have been working at Camp Westmont in the USA which was made possible by applying with Campleaders. I love my job here, the camp is the best, we have everything what we need and there are a lot of opportunities to have fun, to play sports like tennis and basketball. There is also an awesome fitness center here also. Food is and accommodation are good. I love the surroundings and the woods around us. I recommend you to go to work in the USA with Campleaders for sure - they are very helpful and really care.

By: Michaela
Nationality: Slovak
Age: 22

Best Decision You Will Ever Make

I count myself among the luckiest people to be gifted this opportunity to work at camp, and the impact that I made on their lives was very much clear through the hugs, and the tears of our goodbyes. Nothing can take those cherished memories from me and I hope to God that it isn't the final goodbye.

By: Mark
Nationality: Irish
Age: 20

I recommend Camp Leaders to everyone!

It was the best decision in my life to apply to a camp with Camp Leaders. They helped me a lot all year to get me to my camp. About this summer, I improved my English, made a lot of friends, and had fun all the time.

By: Kriszti
Nationality: Hungarian
Age: 20

My experience(s) changed my life.

I applied to this program and was offered a place at a camp in a state I had never heard of. Little did I know that 4 summers later this would become my happy place where I have made long lasting friendships and unforgettable memories. None of this would have been possible without the help of Camp Leaders and their friendly staff. They guided me from the moment I started my application, through to the visa application and during my time in America. I would highly recommend this company for your next life changing experience... do it now!!

By: Becki
Nationality: British
Age: 23

I want to return!

Work&travel was something I couldn't recommend more. That was great opportunitie to see America and to feel it's atmosphere. I've been in the most beautiful places I could imagine. Work &travel gives you a chance to do it even if you don't have much money. Campleaders helped me and my friends to learn how it works, they helped us with every formal and informal issue and gave us consideration that everything is safe and ok.

By: Adam
Nationality: Polska
Age: 23

A life changing experience

Best summer of my life. The first period mainly depends on the camp though, the traveling part is just the best thing in the world.

By: Dora Szabo
Nationality: Hungarian
Age: 22

Worth to try!

For me these 4 months was intense. I was working hard for 3 months. I met people from around the world and developed my language skills. Also i experiance hard work which though me something about myself, people and work in general. I saw a lot of places in USA thanks to this program. Of course there were bad and better days. But to sum up i don’t regret it. I think this was the best decisiom of my life because i made some memories for whole life and this is the most important and valuable live your life because you have only one. So don’t waste it! Money will return but your time won’t!

By: Gabriela
Nationality: Polish
Age: 21

Best summer of my life

I spent my 2018 summer in the USA thanks to this great oppurtunity. Camp Leaders made the American dream easy to experience. It was the best choice to work with this amazing company. I live in Hungary, so I applied in the Hungarian office. Camp Leaders Hungary is a group with full of reliable, energetic and helpful people. I was working in a jewish summer camp part of the kitchen staff. After the 10 week work, the travel has been started. I travel through the big cities (Seattle, San Francisco, LA, Las Vegas, NYC), it was so much fun! Totally recommend this programme for everyone!

By: Istvan Kiss
Nationality: Hungarian
Age: 20

Camp leaders summer

With Camp leaders you can live the summer of your dreams. They help you with everything.

By: Anett Hetey
Nationality: Hungarian
Age: 23

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