Top Reasons to Spend Your Summer in Canada

Top Reasons to Spend Your Summer in Canada

Canada, with its moose, mountains and maple syrup, is hard not to love. It’s the home of ice hockey, poutine and some very famous faces. But did you know it’s also the home of some pretty spectacular summer camps.


Introducing Summer Camp in Canada

Canada is an unmissable opportunity for those who want to experience the country with a difference you should consider applying to work at a summer camp. Its mind-blowing scenery and iconic wildlife mixed with wooden cabins and world class facilities… essentially its the best of Canada packed into a traditional summer camp setting.


Sounds Great Eh?

Heres our top 5 reasons you should be signing up to work in Canada immediately.


1. Locations

Why spend your summer in Canada

Canada is iconic. Dramatic. Breath-taking. Its always voted as one of the worlds top destinations to visit and its easy to see why.

Together with our partners in Canada we work with accredited summer camps all across the country. Most are located in Ontario with the rest spread through Quebec, British Columbia and Alberta. All of the camps are located away from the big cities in beautiful remote areas.


2. The Food

Canadas cuisine is world renowned. Cheese curds on fries with gravy, yes please. Tim Hortons famous coffee and doughnuts, if we must. Maple syrup soaked everything, sign us up immediately. 

Food is heavily celebrated in Canada. With the French influences of Montreal, the seafood of Vancouver and nationwide food festivals - the food alone is a great reason to go sink your teeth in.


3. Travel & Natural Wonders

This massive country proudly hosts 16 of the worlds UNESCO heritage sites and has plenty more locations for you to add to your bucket list. Its jam packed with adventure.

By going to work at Summer Camp in Canada, youll be able to take your wages, your new friends and use your after camp travel to go on an unbelievable adventure. Plus youll able to get up to 6 months travel time afterwards, so plenty of time to try and do everything.


4. Money

The Canadian dollar is historically better value than the American Dollar and the cost of living is a lot less. Its affordable - Ottawa, for instance, has been repetitively named the most affordable North American city.


5. Summer Camp

Camp Canada

Anyone who has been to summer camp will vouch that its one of the best jobs youll ever have. You get to spend all summer being a big kid, meeting like-minded people, teaching something you love.

Canadian summer camps have been around for years, they sport fantastic facilities and are all in iconic locations. Go as a counselor, a specialist or a camp coordinator and have the summer of your life.