Top 5 Places to Visit in Alberta, Canada

Top 5 Places to Visit in Alberta, Canada

Mark Robinson from New Zealand has been living and working in Canada for the past year and has been lucky to see some of the most spectacular sights in the country. Here he shares 5 essential destinations you need to see in Alberta which include some of the most beautiful lakes in the world.


1. Maligne Lake (Jasper) 

First things first if you do this drive in the summer time you're a good chance of seeing a grizzly bear or black bear along the road to this beautiful lake (just look for all the cars pulled over on the side of the road). Along the drive as well is another beautiful lake called Medicine lake, very good postcard view photo opportunity. Maligne lake is incredible, I'd definitely recommend doing the boat cruise (unavailable in winter due to lake freezing over). This lake also has a trail around parts of it and you are in for some phenomenal views. The crystal clear waters are definitely something to behold and each day you will see lots of adventurers kayaking, boating and canoeing out on this very vast lake.


2. Peyto Lake (Banff) 

Peyto lake, Alberta, Canada

This lake has got to be one of the most unique lakes I have ever had to chance to visit. A short walk from the car park will take you to the lookout and from here you can choose as far as you want to take your adventure. This lake if you look at it from the lookout is the shape of a wolf and the blue colour of the lake is something that is very unique to Canada, notably Alberta as a whole. Whether you choose to visit this lake in the summer time or the winter time it is very accessible and both offer chances of some of the most breath taking photos I have ever seen and taken myself. I would highly recommend stopping in on your way to Banff which itself is something to behold.  


3. Moraine Lake (Lake Louise) 

Moraine lake, Canadian Rockies

This has got to be one of my personal favourites. This lake is just a short drive from Lake Louise and is definitely well worth your time. If postcard views is what you're after you have to go check out Moraine Lake in Lake Louise, this lake is truly something spectacular! Once you park your vehicle you will see the lake has a very distinct blue colour - it almost looks like you bottle up blue powerade from it! Whether you visit this lake in the winter or the summer time you are definitely going to see some spectacular sights that I believe you will only see in Canada and while you're there Lake Louise isn't too far which is another beautiful place, especially if you stay at the Fairmont which overlooks the lake itself.


4. Pyramid Lake (Jasper)

Pyramid lake, Alberta

Sitting at the base of the magnificent Pyramid Mountain is Pyramid Lake. Prior to reaching Pyramid lake you will pass Patricia Lake, don't mistake this for Pyramid lake as beautiful as it is. Pyramid Lake is a kidney shaped lake that offers some spectacular views of Pyramid Mountain and whether you choose to go in summer or winter you are in for an absolute treat. In the summer you are able to rent kayaks and stand up paddle boards and adventure around on the lake while in the winter bring your skates and skate on the frozen lake..  Pyramid Mountain itself is breath taking, the mountain changes colour day to day depending on how the sun hits it and viewing it from the lake offers an insane view, maybe a chance for a new profile picture.


5. Ice Fields Parkway (Jasper to Lake Louise and Banff) 

Ice Fields Parkway, Alberta

I would definitely recommend spending a whole day driving along this 232km stretch of road. You will constantly find yourself wanting to stop and take photos as everywhere you look is another photo opportunity waiting to happen. There are lakes (Bow lake and Peyto lake) along the way and a number of different mountains and mountain ranges you can see which will truly blow your mind with how spectacular they are. I'd recommend packing a day pack full of snacks and charging your camera as this adventure along Highway 93 will take a lot longer than you expect with all the rest and viewpoint stops along the way. 


By Mark Robinson


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