A Perfect Weekend Itinerary for Albany, Australia

A Perfect Weekend Itinerary for Albany, Australia

So you are planning on visiting the beautiful, historical, coastal town of Albany, Western Australia. The town is small but buzzing, and there are many activities you can get up to, if like a local you know where and how to find them. Albanyites have a strange mentality- proud and fiercely protective of their town, they want to keep the beauty and history of it secret to themselves. So for the inside goss, follow this guide to live and experience the history of Albany like a local for the weekend! 


Saturday Morning

Brunch at Kate’s Place. This adorable, locally run and owned cafe uses local and organic produce. It is a busy and popular hub for locals, and the menu, which changes regularly, offers imaginative and delicious food. It is on the historical Stirling Terrace, with a beautiful view of the harbour, King George Sound, and the Penny Post Office, built in 1865. This charming building is notable because from 1871, Albany was the mail port for Western Australia. After brunch, how about a walk around the site to enjoy the beautiful colonial architecture.


Saturday Afternoon

A walk around Middleton Beach and the Board Walk. Middleton Beach, or as locals call it, ‘Mids’, is a short drive from the centre of town. The beach is vast, and the water stretches out before you like a sparkling blue blanket, leading towards many little islands, and various ship sand cruise liners may be spotted on their way into the Sound. The board walk snakes around the coast, back toward town, and along the path are many view points that in the right season, you might even be able to spot whales! 


Saturday Night

Time to enjoy the best cuisine of the region- cocktails and dinner at Lime 303. Situated opposite Dog Rock- named such because it is literally a rock in the shape of a dog- Lime 303 restaurant has a reputation state wide for the best quality food and cocktails. The restaurant and chef have won many awards for the inventive menu and dishes, and only the best local ingredients are used. Locals and tourists like to make this a special night out, so dress up and enjoy foodie heaven!


Sunday Morning

A drive. Many locals love a scenic Sunday morning drive. Direct yourself west of the town, along Frenchman’s Bay road, for a lovely drive around the Sound. Head towards Frenchman’s Bay, an expansive, flat beach, an marvel at the untouched beauty of the historically important beach- named so because of French explorer Nicholas Boudin landed here in 1803. If you're so inclined you might want to take advantage of the beach’s BBQ facilities, otherwise head off to the nearby Whale World.


Sunday Afternoon

Whale World. Hugely important in Albany’s history is Whale World. A massive industry from the settling of Albany to 1973, whale hunting was a big business. Whalebone (baleen) and whale oil had a variety of uses during this time, and the position of Albany in regards to whale migration patterns meant a lot of success for the whale hunting industry of the town. These days it is a museum dedicated to the education of the by-gone business, and a conservation  site for the protection of local flora and fauna. The tea room has a gorgeous view over the Sound, looking back toward the centre of Albany, and is a great spot to relax amongst unique scenery.


Sunday Night

Driving back to the centre of Albany, pause at the replica of the Brig Amity. It was brig sailed to Albany in 1826 from Sydney after orders to begin a new settlement in Western Australia. The ship really is a sight at sunset, with the Sound becoming electric in the background. From here you can also admire the new Albany Entertainment Centre, an interesting architectural sight and a point of contention for many locals, due to its rather unconventional design. Before setting out for dinner, drive to the top of Mount Clarence where the epic memorial park to the First World War is located, and cast your eyes over the corners of Albany you just visited. All can be seen from here- Mids, Frenchman’s Bay, King George Sound, and the town itself, comfortably nestled between two granite peaks.


Albany, view of Middleton Beach

Of course, this barely scratches the surface of the sights and activities Albany has to offer! Four wheel driving, more beaches you could ever imagine and many, many more historical sights and attractions, the town and surrounds could keep you busy for weeks! Starting off with this guide, however, will give you a crash course in the knowledge of the town locals take for granted, and feel like one of them when you can say, why yes of course I know how to spend a weekend in Albany!


By Jade Rudnyckyj


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