5 Best Tropical Islands to Visit in 2023

5 Best Tropical Islands to Visit in 2023

What does heaven on earth look like? Most people imagine a tropical island away from the hustle and bustle. Lying in a hammock and basking in the warm rays of the sun while drinking coconut milk – what could be better?

The colder it is outside, the stronger the body requires internal recharging. Stop torturing yourself and go somewhere where you can walk around in shorts a T-shirt for a whole year! Tropical islands will impress you so much with their landscapes and exotic traditions.

Picturesque reefs and high waves for surfing, bungalows on the water, and other parts of an ideal vacation in the tropics will be a great addition to your vacation.


1. Bora Bora – a Piece of France in Paradise

Bora Bora is one of the exotic islands of French Polynesia, discovered by James Cook. This is a paradise for those who need a relaxing beach holiday on the ocean. Tourists live in small cozy bungalows. The local blue lagoon is considered to be the cleanest in the world.


2. Seychelles is Beautiful

The Seychelles are popular among beach lovers. They are located near Africa, where exotic animals live: lions, zebras, giraffes. 115 islands with white sand beaches are waiting for you. 300 years ago, Seychelles was home to pirates. According to the myths, a lot of pirate treasures are buried here. 


3. The Maldives is the Perfect Honeymoon Destination

The Maldives is located in the Indian Ocean and consists of 1000 islands. Traveling to the Maldives seems to be an expensive luxury, but it can give you wonderful memories. Usually, newlyweds choose holidays in the Maldives as a great place for a honeymoon. From November to May there is no rain in the Maldives, the weather is warm, dry, and cloudless. 


4. Koh Lipe is a Beautiful Island in Thailand

Meet Koh Lipe, a little-known island in Southern Thailand. The boundless beaches of Koh Lipe are covered with white sand, famous hotels and restaurants serve the freshest seafood and Thai cuisine. Once upon a time, Koh Lipe was a semi-wild island without electricity. Today, many great hotels have appeared here, but Koh Lipe still stays a quiet and cozy paradise. The underwater world of Ko Lipe is varied, you can even see reef sharks. The island can be crossed on foot in less than 2 hours.


5. Tenerife, Spain – the Island of Eternal Spring

Tenerife is a cozy, warm place where summer never ends. The island has a great ecology and 2 national parks. There is no heavy industry polluting the skies, and all garbage is taken out of Tenerife. The real highlight of the coast is the black beaches of volcanic origin. Try to rent a car in Tenerife and conquer the slopes of the volcano, enjoying the stunning scenery.


Of course, that’s not all tropical islands that will give you a fun and carefree holiday in 2022. However, each of the listed places looks like a paradise worth striving for. Book vacation packages and get ready for a dream trip to the best islands of our planet!