5 Amazing Things to Do when Working in New Zealand

5 Amazing Things to Do when Working in New Zealand

So you are planning a trip to work in New Zealand? Great decision. This country is incredible with friendly local people, stunning places to visit and also lots of amazing activities available all year round.

When working in New Zealand you will get plenty of time to relax and take in this stunning country.

Whether you are going to be based in the north or south islands, there are lots of towns and cities where you can choose to live. Each location is different, from the bustling capital Auckland to Queenstown which is one of the best adventure destinations in the world.

We have put together a list of 5 incredible must do things you should do in your spare time.


1. Watch a live Sporting Event 

The local passion in New Zealand is rugby and you will find teams throughout the country, you could try and get tickets to see the world famous All Blacks who are current World Champions but tickets can be difficult to get. Eden Park in Auckland is really impressive stadium. You could also watch a cricket or football game. Some people choose to work in hospitality at sporting events and you can too, casual positions can be found throughout the country. 


2. Go Skydiving 

New Zealand really is one of the best destinations for adventure sports and all through the country you can go skydiving. We recommend going skydiving over the Franz Joseph glacier which looks spectacular from the air. Other locations include Wanaka and the spectacular city of Queenstown. Did you know you can also do a skydiving trainign course and then seek work as a skydive instructor after completing training - this is a totally unique career!


3. Bungee Jumping

Places like Queenstown is full of adventure sports and also home to some of the highest and most scary bungee jumps in the world. Prepare to get scared! If you are planning a gap year in New Zealand, a popular option is to work as a bungee instructor - this job is a lot of fun and you'll get to meet other people from all over the world.


4. Whale Watching 

Kairkora can be off the beaten track and not all bus tours stop here but we recommend visiting. This is a relaxing little town and one of the best things to do here is to go whale or dolphin watching. You can search out the best prices online in advance for sightseeing excursions, there are lots of trips available.

When the weather is calm there is also sometimes the option to go swimming with whales - an incredible experience. If you would like to do something rewarding some local organisations offer volunteer opportunities in New Zealand where you can contribute to conservation efforts.


5. Abel Tasman National Park 

If you like nature and trekking head to the Abel Tasman National Park, this is a spectacular place. There are lots of trips, hikes and water sports available all year round. This is a great place to kick back and relax after working hard.


Bonus: Backpacker Tour

Do you find traditional trips boring? The backpacker tour is a must-try experience when you're in New Zealand.

Backpacker tour pertains to an independent, flexible, and long-term trip tour without necessarily following a fixed itinerary. Backpackers love to meet other backpackers so they prefer to stay in hostels, which are fun, cheap, and convenient. When traveling alone, the best places to meet other backpackers are backpacker hostels.

Backpacker tours allow you to see the beauty of life and the world at large. Because of the flexible timetable, freedom to go beyond tourist sites, and stay anywhere you want, backpacker tours will bring tons of benefits. Also, a backpacker adventure will test your limits and patience, but the realizations are meaningful and worth-remembering all through your life.

Here are more benefits of a backpacker tour:

  • Learn how to use herbs, spices, and other natural ingredients to heal cuts, wounds, or body pains.
  • You'll have more adventurous experiences in the local area because of your backpacker tour. It's one way to leave your everyday life, and attain pursuit of adventures.
  • Because you don't carry a piece of heavy baggage, you can walk, hike, climb, and stroll anywhere with a local tour guide, making it hassle-free. You'll learn how to eat available foods sold by street vendors, including exotic foods and street foods.
  • Rather than carrying a lot of stuff with you, you can move and walk faster so that you explore more local places, including rare and less crowded areas. Get to try dancing, singing, and eating with the locals, casting away your shyness, doubts, and reservations.
  • Adopt flexible accommodation options, like dorms, lodges, inns, and hostels, instead of paying expensive hotel rooms.

Backpacker tour allows you to be yourself, enjoy what nature has to offer, and appreciate life in general. So, why not get a job related to a backpacker tour? If you're wondering what types of backpacker jobs in New Zealand you can do, check our guide.


These are just a few of the options available when choosing to work or intern in New Zealand. This country has it all and there are lots of different things to do and places to visit all year round.

Have you every been to New Zealand? Got any recommendations to share? Leave your advice in the comments section below.