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Have you every thought about teaching English overseas? Or are you totally new to the idea? On our website you can read more information about getting TEFL qualified, find more information about the wide range of certifications and qualifications available, find reputable teaching companies and apply for a life changing experience. On our guide to teaching English overseas we have put together answers to some frequently asked questions about TEFL and getting paid to work as a teacher around the world.


What is TEFL?

TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) is a recognised qualification that allows you to travel around the world and teach English. There are alternative courses available including TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) and CELTA (Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults) which all help you fulfill the experience of living and working abroad as a foreign language teacher. Acquiring a TEFL course is a step towards teaching English abroad as it equips you with all the necessary skills to lead lessons. If you are looking to start this exciting career there is the option to join a classroom course in your native country, take one online or participate on a course in a foreign country. If you are wondering about eligibility, most companies require you to be aged 18, a native speaker of English and be eligible for a visa of the destination you are interested in. A lot of employers now require a minimum of 100 hours of TEFL training from a recognised TEFL provider. 


Why Teach Overseas

Teaching English abroad is a great way to live in a different country and get paid. It is also a great way to enhance your CV / resume, learn new skills, meet new people and explore a new region of the world. By working as a teacher you will be able to help children/students expand their knowledge of English, get a new experience living in a different culture and also improve your personal and professional skills.  


Why do I need a TEFL Certificate if I already Speak English?

You might speak fluent English but what about when a student asks you to explain the rules of the present perfect tense? A TEFL qualification will not only guide you through the tricky bits of English grammar and how to teach it but it is also a requirement demanded by TEFL employers. Getting involved in TEFL is becoming extremely popular meaning that it is also becoming quite a competitive market. Gone are the days where you can jet-off to an exotic destination and pick up a teaching job no problem, you now need to set yourself apart from the crowd! 


Where to Go

The choice of where you decide to teach really comes to personal preference. A lot of people travel and live in places like China, Japan and Thailand but if you are after a larger pay packet consider Saudi Arabia. You will not need to know the local language of the country you decide on, but it is highly recommended you learn some basic words and phrases to make the whole experience more enjoyable and easier. Destinations like Spain, Italy, Japan, South Korea and Turkey are currently reporting a high demand for qualified English teachers, this is therefore a wonderful opportunity for you to make a considerable contribution.


How to Get Certified

TEFL is measured in hours; a qualification can therefore be anything from 20 hours to 140 (and longer options) meaning you can choose how qualified you are. There are lots of different courses to provide you with practical training whilst also giving you flexibility to take the course when you have time, and build your knowledge of the best methods to teach to any class, anywhere. Topics covered include grammar structure, lesson planning, the importance of games in learning and sentence structure. When looking at courses you will find there are several different ways you can get qualified to teach English abroad, these include:


Online - If you are looking to get qualified on a flexible time frame or just want to the freedom to learn from anywhere we recommend signing up to an online TEFL course. You will be able to study in your own time and where ever in the world you desire, this means you won't need to attend any classes in person.

Classroom - Taking a classroom TEFL course is a very population option too and one we highly recommend. Here you will learn with a teacher and also get to meet lots of other TEFL'ers. Most classes are very relaxed and you will learn a lot of new skills from an experienced teacher. 



How to Choose a TEFL Course Providor

It is very important you research all TEFL course providors before signing up to a course. Try to see how long they’ve been in the industry, what accreditiation they have and also what their feedback is like from previous participants on websites like Facebook and Twitter. Most reputable training companies offer leaflets, lifetime assistance, job placement support. Some of the leading providors also offer paid internships and employment. 


Recommended TEFL Companies

The following websites and companies are highly recommended if you are thinking about getting TEFL qualified and teaching English overseas. Click the image on the left to be directed to their websites.

 i-to-i Teach English Abroad


i-to-i are one of the worlds leading TEFL course providers and have helped thousands of people get qualifed. They offer online and classroom courses in countries like Australia, the UK, USA, Canada and other worldwide locations. i-to-i also offer job hunting support, internships in Asia and lifetime advice from their specalist staff.

TEFL365 | Teaching Jobs, TEFL / TESOL Courses, Language Schools, Study Abroad Programs

TEFL 365

Visit our partner website for more indepth information about everything TEFL. Here you can search worldwide courses and companies and get everything you need to know about 


How to get a Job once Qualified

Once you have completed a TEFL course you can start applying for teaching positions all over the world sharing your learning in classrooms and communitiesSome TEFL employers will provide you with help preparing for your trip, orientation advice when you arrive in your destination country, accommodation, wages and on-going support for the duration of your experience. You can also search job boards, apply independently or join social network pages. The lenght of teaching contract can vary but are generally around 8 months to a year. Lots of people also join volunteer programmes where a TEFL qualifications can be utilised.



If you need any help or advice about taking a TEFL course or teaching English overseas contact us today.




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