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On our website you can search PADI scuba diving courses and dive centres around the world. If you are planning a trip and would love to learn to scuba dive our website features beginners courses and more advanced options at recommend dive resorts in places like the Caribbean and South-East Asia. There are lots of scuba diving courses to choose from including open water courses, sidemount dive courses and go pro courses which are great for all abilities. There are short and long courses and dive trips perfect for any holiday. View more information below.

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Going scuba diving in South East Asia is very popular, some people take a PADI course in Thailand and then train to be a PADI dive instructor. We highly recommend learning to scuba dive at Utila Dive Center, for the past two years they have been voted the best dive centre in the worldThe cost of a scuba diving course depends on which option you proceed with and where you learn to dive. You could go scuba diving in Asia, you can get deals on packages in places like Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam and Malaysia. Before signing up to a course always check feedback on a dive centre before appyling, websites liek Facebook are a great source of knowledge. Search scuba diving opportunities below.

There are so many destinations and on our website you can find dive centres and featured scuba diving lessons throughout the world. Expect clear crystal waters and lots of fish, the rare shark and whale might also be closer than you expect! We promote a lot of scuba diving resorts who offer a wide range of beginner scuba diving courses and you are sure to find a certification course which is right for you. If you have never dived before this can be really fun and exciting experience. You will get to dive and see spectacular marine life and you will be amazed by the amount of exotic fish you will see. If you are lucky you might get to see dolhpins swimming next to the boat. You can join adventure trips to see whale sharks or even join marine conservation volunteering programs. There will also be lots of time to relax of white sandy beaches or go swimming / snorkelling with fish and maybe even dolphins. You will not forget a holiday scuba diving quickly, it will be really hard to leave the amazing beaches and laid back lifestyle but at least you will have experienced somewhere totally new and have photos to make everyone jealous. 

On our website we promote Utila Dive Center which for the past two yers has been voted the best scuba diving centre in the world! Quite an achievement, we highly recommend learning to dive here! With One World 365 you can find beginner scuba diving courses, Divemaster training and other instructor courses in the Caribbean. We list travel companies and accommodation, you can find a range of diving courses at competative prices. Learning to scuba dive is an amazing opportunity and you will love this experience. You are almost guaranteed a spectacular time meeting new people from all over the world. If you would like to view more information about possible courses and scuba diving trips then please contact us today. There are lots of exciting diving and travel opportunities, plan a trip and learn to scuba dive today.


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Are you thinking about learning to scuba dive? Are you already a qualified dive? Consider taking part and helping marine conservation volunteering programs. On our website you can find dive centres and volunteer organisations who offer amazing and really worthwhile volunteering programs in places like South-East Asia, Fiji and the Caribbean Bay Islands of Honduras, Central America. 

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Are you looking to travel abroad and learn to scuba dive? Browse our website and find highly rated dive schools in exotic places all around the world! Utila Dive Center was voted the best dive center in the world for the past few years and this year they have 100% Success at PADI Instructor courses in the beautiful Bay Islands, Honduras. Take a scuba course and train to be a PADI Divemaster or Instructor in Utila!


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