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There are several volunteer opportunities where you can help local organisations and charities in the good work they do helping people, communities and wildlife. Many of the projects are open to international visitors and free to join all year round. 


Volunteer Programs in Malta

Location of Projects

volunteer in Malta

Volunteering abroad in Malta might not have even crossed your mind, well if it has, you can find projects in places like Valletta, Balzan and more rural areas of the country. Where you are based really depends on the organisation you would like to help. These opportunities are perfect if you would like to do something more rewarding than sunbathing. You can enquire in advance or visit local organisations when you are in Malta. There are short and long term programs for both skilled and unskilled volunteers. 


Recommended Volunteer Opportunities in Malta

Voluntary Work in Malta


Help / Advice

If you need any help organising a volunteer placement in Malta please get in touch. If you provide volunteer programs in Malta and would like to be featured here please contact us.



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