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Germany is a very exciting country and one of the most popular destinations in Europe with millions of people visiting every year. Germany is located in Central Europe and is a founding member of the European Union, in 1990 Germany become one united country after being separated for 55 years. This is a country steeped in history, any on one of our travel packages you will get to learn more about the local culture and visit world class cities like Berlin and Munich. 


Activities, Travel Packages & Holidays in Germany

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Germany travel guide

Germany Travel Guide

Get information, tips, itineraries and inspiration for visiting Germany.

  • Population: 82,000,000 (approx)
  • Capital: Berlin
  • Currency: Euro
  • Local Language: German
  • International Country Code +49
  • Weather & Best Time to Visit: German summers are hot and the winters are cold and snowy, but rains are unpredictable and common during all seasons. The average winter temperature is 3°C and in summers it is 22°C. Maximum temperatures commonly reach -10°C in winter and 35°C in the summer months. The country is divided into 16 states and has an exceedingly varied landscape, so it is difficult to generalise the weather for the whole country.






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