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Dubai Travel & Tours

Keen to visit Dubai? Search our trips and experiences which are perfect if you are staying for a stopover, or if you would like to travel, go sightseeing or spend a gap year in Dubai.


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Looking at photos, it’s difficult to imagine Dubai as anything other than the bustling metropolis it is today. Gigantic skyscrapers cover every surface, plush hotels continue to break records and shopping malls swell under the weight of yet another new big development. 

But while the tourism scene has exploded and the city is burgeoning, it’s easy to forget that just 30 years ago Dubai was little more than a fishing settlement.  Take a break from the glitz and glamour and get a taste of the real Dubai on holiday or trip this year.

If you would like an authentic experience check out our trips.


Top Reasons to Visit Dubai

  • Warm weather all year round
  • Go up the tallest building in the world the Burj Khalifa
  • Spectacular islands
  • Lots of adventure activities


How to Get to Dubai


There are several ways to travel to Dubai including cruise ship and plane. If you are planning a short break from the UK we recommend flying as this will save time.

To get the best deals you will need to book in advance and also travel out of the busy summer season. We recommend searching flights on Skyscanner which is the best flight comparison website.


Where to Stay in Dubai

There are lots of options when it comes to places to stay including hotels, resorts, villas and apartments. If you are looking for somewhere cheap to stay, use to search for accommodation and book well in advance to get the best prices.