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Guide to Teaching English in Panama

Keen to teach English abroad? Looking for an exotic destination? Choose Panama. When seeking employment in Panama you will find most employers want candidates who have at least 120 hours of TEFL training with an accredited TEFL provider so you might want to book a TEFL course before departing.



Requirements for Teaching in Panama

You will not need a BA/BS degree but this is preferred. Most language schools will require you to have a TEFL TESOL certification. You could take a TEFL course in Central America or study in Panma online. 



Peak Hiring Time

February – March and July – August but you can gain employment all year round.



Where to Find Teaching Jobs in Panama

Language schools hire international teachers and this is the best place to get work. Local people, usually business professionals are keen to learn English.



Hiring Process

You will usually need to apply and then have an interview in-person interview



Working Week

Most teachers work for around 20–25 hours in a classroom environment and you will need to allow for extra time for preparation. 



Cost of Living

Panama is quite an expensive destination compared to other places you can teach in Central America. We estimate you will have around £500 - £800 (US$1000)of costs per month including rent, food and going out.


Panama TEFL Reviews & Experiences

If you have ever been to teach in Panama and would like to share your experience or any recommendations please get in touch.



If you would like to hire international teachers in Panama please contact us.



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