Panama has long been a popular vacation destination, there are large modern cities, picturesque countryside, beautiful white sandy beaches, tasty food and an interesting history. With One World 365 you can be more than just a tourist and get the true authentic local experience by searching our authentic holidays, gap year ideas, surfing lessons and activities. If you would like to discover Panama our trips will appeal to you. From visiting ancient ruins, exploring jungles, seeing paradise islands, relaxing on some of the best beaches in the continent, seeing the impressive Panama Canal or joining a special interest vacation like bird watching or fishing - there are so many travel opportunities available.


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Panama Travel Guide

Panama Travel Guide

  • Capital: Panama City
  • Currency: Panamanian Balboa (PAB) + US Dollar (USD)
  • Population: 3,040,000 (approx)
  • International Dialing Code: +507
  • Country Area: 78,200 km2
  • Language: Panama is a very mixed society with people from all around the world calling this country home, this is mainly due to the huge construction of the Panama canal with immigrants being brought from a number of countries. In modern day Panama there are over 20 languages spoken with Spanish being the most dominant. Other languages include native Indo-American, Chinese, French, English (in the tourisy areas) and even in some places Arabic. Although Spanish in the official language of Panama, Panamanian Spanish is slightly different in a variety of ways. 






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