Scuba Diving in Panama

Panama is an incredible dive destination with a stunning coastlime and you can go diving in the Pacific Ocean or Caribbean Sea. Expect warm waters, tropical fish and colourful corals. You can should get to see an amazing selection of marine creatures including jacks, rays, eels, jewfish, marlin, lobster, sharks, whales and dolphins. There are dive resorts located throughout the country or you can also book a liveaboad excursion which is perfect if you want to go diving in both the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean in the same day.


Scuba Diving Courses & Packages in Panama

Scuba Diving Coiba Island Panama

Popular Places to Go Diving in Panama

  • Bocas Del Toro
  • Coiba Island



Panama Scuba Diving

Best Dive Sites in Panama

Panama has so many incredible dive sites, here are some you should definately check out:

  • Coiba Marine Park is a marine reserve in the Pacific ocean which you will need to book a liveaboard to visit. You won't regret booking a trip though as the waters are full of sharks, turtles, corals and rock formations.
  • A sea safari in Panama to Portobelo Bay is highly recommended, here you can see lots of wrecks and fish.
  • Tiger Rock is a popular stop off point for beginners and advanced divers.
  • Coiba Island is an amazing place with lots of undiscovered dive sites, if you are lucky you will get to see sharks and humpback whales.

Best Time of the Year to Go Diving in Panama

Panama has a tropical climate and you can go scuba diving all year round. We couldn't really pick a best time.


Dive with Whale Sharks in Panama

Whale sharks are most commonly seen during December and January when they take their annual migration. You can join a boat excursion, go snorkelling or diving with these incredible creatures. If you would like to see whales you might want to visit during:

  • Whale season: July to September 
  • Whale Sharks: December to April


Panama Diving Facts

  • Water temperature is an average 28C 
  • Air temperatures range from 25-35C. 
  • Visibility varies from 5-30 meters depending on location and weather. 


Recommended Dive Centers in Panama

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Panama Dive Reviews

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