Teach English in Guatemala

Apply to teach in Guatemala. Popular destinations to take a TEFL course or teach English include Guatemala City, Antigua, Quetzaltenango, Panajachel and Lake Aticlan. Teaching English in Guatemala will be an incredible experience, you will get to sample life in and up and coming Central American destination and help locals learn English. There are lots of teaching opportunities in Guatemala include paid positions, view more information and apply today.


Teaching, Language & TEFL Jobs in Guatemala

Teach English in Guatemala

Guide to Teaching in Guatemala

Guatemala is sometimes overlooked in favour of going to teach in Mexico and Costa Rica but we highly recommend this destination. The Guatemalan government are encougaring the arrival of native English speakers to teach English so youngsters and people in work can improve their skills which benefits the country and economy.

The tourism industry is also growing every year and this is a good way for Guatemalan people to gain a job/career which is well paid. You can expect friendly locals who are very keen to study English, we highly recommend also possibly booking Spanish language courses in Guatemala so you can communicate better and make the most of the experience. Guatemala attracts lots of backpackers who teach English to earm some extra money to fund future travels.



TEFL Courses in Guatemala

If you would like to get TEFL certified in Guatemala we recommend taking an online TEFL course.



Best Reasons to Teach in Guatemala

If you want to sample a new country with a unique culture, real natural beauty and experience a cultural immersion like no other than this is the country for you. You will also get to meet other international teachers from all over the world and gain experience a specacular country which isn't overloaded with tourists.



Teach English in Guatemala City

Popular Places to Teach in Guatemala

Most TEFL jobs in Guatemala can be found in the major cities like Guatemala City, Antigua, and Quetzaltenango. There are other opportunities to teach English in places like Panajachel but the more remote/smaller the location the fewer jobs there are. Antigua is one of the best, and most popular cities for internationals in the whole of Central America. We highly recommend applying for teaching jobs in Antigua, there are pretty streets, spectacular scenery, friendly locals and a good atmopshere.

Other locations:

  • Mixco
  • Villa Nueva
  • Petapa
  • San Juan Sacatepéquez
  • Villa Canales
  • Escuintla
  • Chinautla
  • Chimaltenango



Best Time to Get a Teaching Job

There is a high demand for English teachers in Guatemala all year round and no best time to apply.



Teach English in Antigua

Where to Find Teaching Work

Very few jobs are advertised on the internet and most are found locally either by going into to language schools or in local newspapers. Most people find teaching vacancies at private language schools where there are more jobs and the wages tend to be higher. Some language schools can also help you other insentives like discounted accommodation but sometimes working hours can be long. Some charities and non-profit organisations recruit English teachers to help improve education among local communities. Sometimes a small stipend salary is offered. You can also give private lessons to supplement your income, you are best advertising your services locally on messageboards and in-person. 




You can enter Guatemala on a tourist visa which is valid for 90 days and then teach English which is what most people do. Language schools can get around the red tape of people not having a work visa by offering teachers a ‘living allowance’ rather than a salary, you can expect to be paid cash in hand. If you would like to stay longer than 3 months you can extentd your visa or cross into a neighbouring country and back again.



Requirements and Elibility

Guatemala doesn't generally have strict criteria for teaching English, lots of language schools hire teachers without a degree or any official TEFL certififcation. If you are wondering if you can teach in Guatemala without a degree then yes you can. We recommend taking a TEFL course though as this will help prepare you for teaching in Guatmeala.



Salary for Teaching in Guatemala

Guatemala isn't the country to teach if you want to get rich, wages here are very low compared to other worldwide TEFL destinations. Please note Guatemala is a developing country, there are a selection of paid teaching jobs in Guatemala but a lot are un-paid. You should be able to get by even with the low wages as the cost of living is also very low. If you are looking to gain experience you might want to check out our volunteer programs in Guatemala.



Cost of Living

Guatemala is a great value destination, accommodation, hotels, hostels, food and transport are cheap compared to other country in this region. To save money we recommend eating local food, either buying at markets or locally run cafes and restraurants and avoid Western companies where prices are higher.



Health & Safety

Guatemala had a brutal civil war a few decades ago but now this country is very safe and developing at an fast pace. You shouldn't encounter any issues when teaching here.


TEFL Jobs in Guatemala

What to Do in Your Spare Time

Guatemala shares borders with Mexico, Belize, Honduras and El Salvador and there will be lots of opportunities for you to explore in your spare time. Guatemala is a country steeped in tradition, there are ancient ruins from the Maya civilisation which are still scattered around the country.



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