Jobs in Paraguay

Interested in working in Paraguay? Wondering if this is even possible for foreigners? Paraguay is an off the beaten track country located in South America and if you would like to work here our guide will help. 



Popular Places to Seek Employment in Paraguay

  • Asunción
  • Boquete
  • Ciudad del Este
  • San Lorenzo
  • Capiatá
  • Lambaré
  • Fernando de la Mora
  • Limpio
  • Nemby
  • Pedro Juan Caballero
  • Encarnación



Types of Jobs in Paraguay

If you are looking for a professional career you are best contacting local or multinational companies in Paraguay. Casual, seasonal and backpacker jobs can be found out locally, some hostels and accommodation offer this type of work.



Paraguay Recruitment Websites

  • Opcion Empleo
  • Compu Trabajo



How to Get a Job as a Foreigner in Paraguay

  • Don't know Spanish? This will put you are you at a disadvantage even if the position is in English. You might want to book a Spanish couse in Paraguay.
  • You might also like to try to grasp Paraguayan Guaraní to enhance your chances of gaining employment.



Visa & Requirements

For foreigners looking for professional work in Paraguay you will need a visa/permit and persmission to work in Paraguay. Similar to other destinations, to get this usually you need a job offer from an employer in Paraguay. For casual / temporary work this is more flexible.




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