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Part of YOUTH AND CHILDREN NET in the spirit of the Presidents Summit in Philadelphia in Spring, 1997 to help children and youth all across America.

VOLUNTEER FOR CHILDREN will give you ideas on what you can do and where you can contribute your time to help children. On the 1st.of each month, we will add additional volunteer opportunities, so be sure to bookmark us as a central place for information, or email or write us at the addresses below.

You need not give more than 2, 3 or 4 hours a week. Some work you can do at home can be of value, too!

YOU can make a real difference in the lives of our children.

Here are some initial ideas and places you can contact:

1. Form a child care group in your community or at work.

2. Mentor a child through a local Y, Boys or Girls Club or Youth Group.

3. Tutor children or volunteer for a reading hour at your library.

4. Help Youth and Children Net keep your local City Kids and Teens resource site for your city up-to-date for your community and gather local childrens news for it.

5. Become a local conflict resolution counselor through your school, church or synagogue or youth center.

6. Teach a group of children computer skills or get a Kidsurfer After-School Computer Center started in your community.

7. Contact your local homeless assistance center and find out what you can do to help homeless children and families.

8. Start or participate in a Violence Prevention project in your area.

9. Join and help a national or local childrens advocacy group.

10. Start or join a local childrens/youth resources hotline, or volunteer to staff a National Childrens Coalition Referral Hotline a few regular hours each week from home (calls can be forwarded to where you are!)

11. Help distribute information from Children Now, Childrens Defense Fund, National Childrens Coalition or Kids Campaigns about what children need.

12. Form or join an existing Join Together community group to prevent teen substance abuse.

13. Contact your local Municipal Court or Bar Association to find out how to join CASA and become a Court Appointed Special Advocate to represent children in court proceedings.

14. Donate your used, working computer equipment to Kidsurfer Project to use for after-school tutoring of at-risk city youth.

15. Collect books and other learning materials for local youth programs and schools in your community.

16. Help form once-a-month outings for local children to museums, zoos, childrens concerts, amusement parks and other activities.

17. Volunteer to be a counselor or assistant at a day-camp for exceptional children/children with learning disabilities.

18. Help sponsor, fix-up or staff a local playground.

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