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Welcome to the Volunteer Petén home page. Here you can find all the information necessary to plan your stay in the jungle of Guatemala, Central America as a volunteer, Spanish student, or adventurer.

Volunteers can and are expected to take park in all program areas, and should not limit themselves to working in one particular area. Typical work days run from 8am-12 noon Monday through Friday. Four caretakers and the director run programs on a daily basis ranging from light construction, to trail maintenance, to gardening, to teaching. Afternoons are typically spent studying Spanish, running errands, teaching, participating in activities, or continuing work in ecological park. Activities include field trips, movie night, and working in the community library.

Our program works best with volunteers who can commit 4-12 weeks of service. Our staff is experienced with training and working with volunteers. We can train volunteers in numerous areas of interest including best management practices, approaches to education, problems that affect Guatemala, possible solutions to various problems, and most importantly, culture.

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