Volunteer at Shamanic Healing Lodge in Hawaii

Experience personal growth and awareness when you live and work alongside our
shaman and natural healers at Muaisa Hale Pule, a shamanic lodge and spiritual 
healing center at the ancient "Pathway to the God" on Hawaii's Kona Coast.


About Us (www.muaisa.org)

Muaisa Hale Pule ("As I Aum" Sanctuary) offers a unique spiritual experience to healers, seekers, students, teachers, creatives, visionaries and travelers from around the world -- people who are interested in inner development and natural healing. On our property in upcountry Kealakekua, Hawaii, we offer counseling, training, natural healing sessions, and spiritually-focused lodging for those who seek to renew their energy levels, revitalize their perspectives on life, experience an entirely new state of being, and nourish body, mind, and spirit. 
As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, we do not engage in commerce. Instead, we rely on donations and volunteerism for all our services and are genuinely grateful to all who contribute their time, labor and resources to our just cause.
Our Volunteer Intern Program (VIP) is open to all who wish to stay in Hawaii for a month or longer and live in harmony with their natural surroundings. It is ideal for couples and individuals who enjoy being of service, are willing to learn about and practice eco-sustainability, and find joy and fulfillment in physical, emotional, mental and spiritual pursuits.
Our Location
Situated at 19.5 degrees North latitude in Kealakekua, we are located approximately 11 miles south of Kailua-Kona and 19.5 miles from Kona International Airport. Our lodge is 3 miles / 5 km up slope (6 miles / 10 km by car) from the State of Hawaii's #1 marine life sanctuary where Captain James Cook first discovered Hawaii in 1778, and where pods of dolphins come almost daily to rest, feed, and nurse their calves. 
At 19.5 degrees, we are perched atop of one of Earth's 10 major vortices. Ancients came here to rejuvenate and knew this place as "The Pathway to the God." It is a star gate portal, through which light codes enter the energetic matrix of the Earth and allow prayers and/or intentions made here to be "broadcast" to the world and beyond.
Whatever degree of involvement you care to participate in during your stay with us, just our location alone opens the opportunity for you to de-stress, commune with nature, and experience a break away from your everyday humdrum existence. It is a place at which those, who find their way here and are open to change, can re-awaken to a whole new sense of being and feeling more at home in the world  they empower themselves to co-create. 
All volunteers are accepted on the basis of availability, experience, compatibility, skills set, eagerness to contribute and enthusiasm for what we offer. No previous experience is necessary. Based on your interests and skill set, you will create your own work schedule in areas such as landscaping, gardening/yard work, skilled trades (i.e. carpentry, plumbing, electrical, construction), healing arts (e.g., massage and acupuncture) website design, screenwriting, grant writing or a pre-agreed upon combination of these areas.
Commitment & Accommodations
Volunteer-Interns can elect an either 1- or 2-month program. One-month stays are often not extendable as scheduling and availability requires advanced notice. Two-month stays, however, are generally open to longer term on a month-to-month, 30-day notice basis. Case-by-case, 2-month stay volunteers may apply to stay with us for continuing periods of time.
The suggested donation for a 1-month or longer stay is $1200 US per person per month plus 12.5 hours of on-site work each week. Couples may apply to live and volunteer together for an additional donation of $600 US per month for the second person.
Accommodations are private, indoors, well-appointed, of guest-quality, and "comfortably rustic." Each single room enjoys eastern exposure and morning sun, a separate entrance and deck area, fresh  towels and linens, free WIFI, an adjoining shared half-bath, access to our outdoor rainforest shower/bath, and unlimited use of the group kitchen replete with refrigerator, gas range, propane-burning barbeque grill, laundry facilities and covered dining/picnic area.
Our double room for couples enjoys an elevation ocean/sunset view, its own private circular driveway for parking, a separate deck and entrance, an en suite bathroom with private shower, ample towels and linens, an in-room mini-fridge, coffee-maker and microwave oven, free WIFI, and unlimited use of the group kitchen, fridge/freezer, washer/dryer, gas range, propane-burning barbeque grill, and covered dining/picnic area.
A 5-star bistro, a convenience store, hot tubs, massage therapy and kayak rentals are just 1/2 mile (0.8 km) down hill. Banks, cafes, 2 post offices, a grocery store and the local Farmer's Market are all within 1.5 miles (2.4 km) in either direction.
Getting Around
The "Hele-on Bus" operates a series of $2 intra-Kona bus routes and $4 R/T service between Hilo and Kona. The bus, however, does not service either of the island airports; so it is recommended that guests and volunteer residents arrange for a taxi, Super Shuttle or a rental car for pick upon their arrival into KOA or ITO. Upon confirmation of your program and notification of your flight number and scheduled arrival time, we will email you detailed driving directions from whichever airport you specify. One of our advisors will then be available to greet you at our location when you arrive and will help direct you from there.
Program Benefits
In ancient times, wise elders knew the inner secrets. Their counsel and sage advice caused the student, initiate or person seeking guidance to look deeply within themselves and to discover their own harmony with all creation. The need for this kind of experience is crucial today as we have severed ourselves as a global society from nature and magic. Living 24-hours a day and working alongside our Chief/shaman and doctorate-level advisors is a way of remedying this dissociation within yourself.
Should a VIP resident wish to practice a professional skill, trade or healing art on premises or to develop a local outlet for your products or services (ex., Reiki, crafts, massage therapy, yoga instruction, home-grown herbs or produce), a number of sheds, salas and covered spaces are available on premises for creating endless possibilities. 
Every Sunday, a local Green Market takes place only 1.5 miles up the road. This offers residents and vollunteer-iterns an  opportunity to set up a canopy and to earn income displaying handmade items for sale, offering on-site healing services or selling a collection of organic edibles harvested from the land. 
Everyone on property is also afforded an opportunity to work one-on-one with our shaman, to apply for adoption into the New Haven Native American Church (NHNAC), and to earn certification as an NHNAC Medicine Person as part of their stay.
NHNAC dictates no official religious dogma and does not require members of other organized religious to change their religion, beliefs or affiliation. It is perfectly acceptable to become a member of our community and still maintain allegiance to another organized religion.
Typical Volunteer  
This program is ideal for anyone who want to stay in Hawaii for a month or longer, and who is interested in revitalizing perspectives on life, renewing energy levels, experiencing a new state of being, and nourishing body, mind and spirit. Interns/volunteers generally enjoy their experience with us and become an immediate part of the on-site Muaisa Hale Pule family, which is based in service, mutual respect and open communication. This is an ideal position for students, recent college graduates, career people "in transition," and vital and active retirees, who wish to participate in community living and offer support and experience to others.
Age Range  
Muaisa Hale Pule is committed to diversity. Anyone between the ages of 18 and 80 is invited to apply regardless of race, gender, social standing, spiritual belief, national origin or sexual orientation. All volunteer-interns must be capable of being responsible for their own punctuality and attendance, for maintaining interest in their duties, and for their own mental, emotional and physical welfare at all times. 
On-Premise Support
People generally find their way to us when they are at a crossroads, ready for something new, or looking to experience more authenticity in life. Some arrive here spiritually "hemorrhaging" from fear, stress and overwork. Although we cannot guarantee any specifics about your inner process while you are with us -- everyone is different -- we promise to be present for you and non-judgemental about anything that may come up for you in the process world while you are here.
Health Insurance & Property Guidelines
It is expected that all who come here will have health insurance coverage throughout the extent of their stay and will maintain a level of physical, emotional and mental health during their residency here. Everyone on property is responsible for their own health care treatment and costs, and Muaisa Hale Pule cannot be held responsible for any accidental damages or injuries caused by actions contrary to our stated policies.
Meanwhile, for the health and enjoyment of everyone here, smoking, drinking alcohol, and use of recreational drugs both on and off premises are prohibited. There are also no televisions here. You are invited to come equipped with your own laptop, iPad, other technology and "ear buds" if you wish to listen to music, speaker phone, Internet videos, DVDs or any other electronic sound while you are here. 
IMPORTANT: Muaisa Hale Pule cannot be held responsible for any accidental damages or injuries caused by actions contrary to our stated policies.
B-1 Visas for Non-US Citizens
The US "B-1 Visitor for Business" visa is generally available to members of a recognized religious nonprofit organization for participating in a "voluntary service program" of the organization. Without being required to change anything about your religious beliefs or the way in which you worship in another organized, all non-US citizens who apply to volunteer at Muaisa Hale Pule are invited to request spiritual adoption into the New Haven Native American Church (NHNAC) in advance fof applying for a visa.
Depending upon the "reciprocity agreement" between the United States and your country, the B-1 visa will be valid for anywhere between a few months to as much as ten years. It may also be valid for one or multiple entries. Each U.S. Consulate or Embassy has a website with specific instructions for completing the B-1 visa application form and paying the visa fee(s). You can find the one nearest you at http://www.usembassy.gov/.   
When to Apply
Volunteer positions are available now through the next 6 months and are filled on a first come, first served basis. We encourage advanced applications as most who apply are accepted, and positions are filled in the order in which they are received.
For more information, please visit us at www.muaisa.org, and download the following materials via the "Volunteerism" tab and pull-down menu at the top right-hand edge of any page:
  • 12-page Info Pack,
  • 14-page Programs Menu
  • VIP application form

Till then becomes now. . .

A hui hou! (Till we meet!)



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