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Volunteer Work - Make a Difference in the Areas of Education, Health, or Social Services

As a volunteer, you can make a difference by supporting and contributing to a sustainable solution designed by the community and for the community. Volunteer work is in the areas of education, and social services and community development. No prior experience or specific skill is required. You will learn what challenges they face and see how your work furthers their goals. You will also have the chance to create projects of your own. The connection with the people you work with and for each day will generate ideas that you can suggest to the staff. Implementation depends on circumstances on the ground at the time of your arrival as well as your creativity. Your experience and opinion in any given field will be much appreciated by the staff and quite possibly make a difference in the lives of villagers.

Cultural & Learning Activities

We’ve discovered that when you’re given the opportunity to learn about the local culture and customs, and understand community development, your volunteer experience is truly complete. To gain this inside perspective, we provide Cultural & Learning Activities. You’ll enjoy a detailed orientation, language training, field trips, guest speakers, participation in local activities, and feedback sessions. Cultural activities available to you year round are visits to the Palace on Doi Tung Mountain only a short drive up the mountain side. Or Take a 15 minute ride and visit Mai Sai the Boarder town where you can actually cross over in Burma for a day and visit the temples or do some shopping in there open markets. Seasonal activities you’ll enjoy colorful festivals like the water Festival in April lasting almost a week you’ll enjoy activities with the locals because everything closes in Thailand except service oriented business . Lagaton Festival in November is another favorite festival . For nature enthusiasts there’s a botanical garden at Doi Tung Mountain as well as dozens of nature trails. The Akha have there big Festival’s at Christmas and Easter time being there Christians .These activities give you an inside perspective of the community and culture, within and beyond the context of your volunteer experience.

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