The Mauritian Wildlife Foundation (MWF)

The Mauritian Wildlife Foundation (MWF) is the only Non-Governmental Organisation in Mauritius to be exclusively concerned with the conservation and preservation of the Mauritian nation's endangered plants and animals.

Our mission

  • To save threatened Mauritian species through the restoration of entire ecosystems.
  • To seek new information through field research, data management, captive studies and scientific collaboration for direct application to restoration methods and management.
  • To share knowledge gained through restoration programmes with fellow Mauritian and international conservationists.
  • To share the joys and benefits of native wilderness and wildlife with the Mauritian people.
  • To secure the future of Mauritian species through income generation and sound management of human, fiscal and capital resources.


Our achievements

The work carried out in Mauritius is one of the world's most successful conservation stories. This is due to MWF's restoration work started in the 1970s, which has succeeded in rescuing  the Mauritius Kestrel, Echo Parakeet and Pink Pigeon, from the brink of extinction. We also develop protocols for the rescue of native plant species and we work in Rodrigues restoring the flora and fauna, replanting the native forest. MWF has been actively involved with island restoration in particular on Ile aux Aigrettes and Round Island, both of which contain highly threatened biodiversity of global importance. These conservation efforts will benefit future generations of Mauritians. MWF promotes local capacity building and provides local employment through its activities. MWF continues to flourish as a strong, vibrant and innovative organization.


Volunteer for us

The Mauritian Wildlife Foundation has traditionally accepted volunteers on a long-term basis (3–6 months) to work on our bird recovery projects and professionals with specialist skills have supported our administration. In the past few years, MWF has also accepted Mauritian students for work experience placements on a wide range of our projects. These placements have varied in duration but are usually 1-6 weeks. With the increase in our activities we have more opportunities for part-time volunteers.

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