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Smile Across Africa is a Non profit organization based in  Eldoret Kenya.We Rescue Girls that have dropped out of school due to early pregnanacies and put them back to school on a full scholarship basis. We also Sanitary towels to school girls on a monthly basis.

Our Founder Winnie Jerop Melly Was forced to drop out of school in juniour high school due to pregnancy,winnie was forced to stay at home,Atfer some few months unfortunately she miscarried.

After the miscarriage she was forced to stay at home for six months untill January 2008 thats when her parents took her back to School.After high school she joined Moi university and then she Started her Cause.Mind you not all Parents with a very low income would allow their girl to go back to school agaian instead they rejoice that they have indeed been saved on school fees expenses.

In Smile Across Africa we rescue such girls who have undergone what our Founder Winnie Went through,We allow this girls a second chance to get Education,Education is indeed the most powerfull Thing to give to anybody.We allow this girls go back to school on a full scholarship.

In Kenya most families earn less than A $ a day,this really makes parents not to budget for sanitary towels for their girls.You will find that during that day of the month most girls really have alot of problems inculding missing out on school days and at the end of the year they really loose alot in class work,OR this girls will use different kinds of unhygienic materials such as the mattress,feathers,old rags and sit on soil all day Pantless that may cause more harm on their bodies.

Smile Across Africa has worked with several volunteers to see that all  this girls have their Education without any Problems,We do not have donor or anyone to Fund our organization...we Do all our work on Voluntarily and we always fundraise to see that this girls fees are paid on time and the saniatry distribution goes on well without any stop at any given point.

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