SLV.Global provide students & graduates with work-experience in teaching, working with children, people with special needs and in the mental-health sector. 

SLV.Global volunteers work at different teaching and social work projects around the south of Sri Lanka and now also in Bali. The Mental Health Placement includes volunteering at a psychiatric hospital whilst being trained by mental health professionals. Additional projects include volunteering at centres for people with special needs, youth English teaching and running activities at children’s development centres.

SLV is a graduate led, volunteer organisation working in Sri Lanka. We run seven degree-related placements:

SLV team members work at a variety of projects throughout the local community. For instance, volunteers bolster the widespread lack of resources and staff at mental health institutions and hospitals by offering their skills, knowledge, and experience and engaging with service users one-to-one. Volunteers also address the lack of formal education afforded to children in institutional care by teaching English and aim to spend adequate time developing the skills of individual children.

All volunteers are required to undergo a series of in-country training sessions run by local NGO’s and charity workers, such as basic teaching English, working with children and people with special needs. All volunteers work full time during the week but have all weekends off to travel the beautiful country of Sri Lanka.

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