Schools for India

Schools for India has been started with the aim of building and running schools with the best -in-class infrastructure for the rural poor in India.

If you have the conviction that you can be part of this project, and willing to spend your time and energy, in what ever way you can, when ever you can, how ever you can, you are welcome to participate in this nation building activity. Who ever you are, you are welcome...

Types of Volunteers: Mind, Body and Spirit

You can be a Mind –Volunteer focusing on creating the plans, processes, and do work virtually, you can be anywhere in the world, but connected to the work that is happening in India.

You can be a Body-Volunteer on the ground, shoulder to shoulder working with the local communities, sharing their dreams and sweating it out to make it a reality

You can be the Spirit-Volunteer with Good will, spreading the word and ensuring the success of each and every building of learning that will come up all over India

How to Enroll?

Send us your profile to

The Schools for India team will contact you.

What? When? How?

The types of volunteer work will be published online, and you can take up any of the tasks based on the time available with you.

Since this project is a time bound project, once a particular task is taken up then there are certain commitments which you need to work with.

You can’t allocate the work to another who is not an approved volunteer.

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