Richmond Vale Academy

Richmond Vale Academy

Richmond Vale Academy is a non-profit school, focused on training international participants to become Development Instructors and Climate Activists. 

Since the start of the school in 2007, about 500 people have participated in the projects. 

Richmond Vale Academy is is running a Climate Compliance project for St. Vincent. The goal is to make this small island state into a country that is ready for the effects of climate change by 2021.

The effects are already heavily felt here in St. Vincent. Weather patterns are changing and affecting the farmers, and heavy storms have destroyed quite some of the infrastructure of the country. 

There is no doubt that Climate Change will hit the poor the hardest, and it is based on that reality that we train international and local Climate Activists in the 6-months programs. 

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Richmond Vale Academy Reviews

I recommend this company

I joined the climate activism 9 month program. Three of them in RVA and it was great and impressive to see and learn about a new way of living that is environmentally sustainable. One of the highlights was taking part and helping to make home gardens for local people. This was a unique experience where I learnt how to use the permaculture system and see it introduced into a community. There was a lot of people from different countries so there was cultural diversity as well. I totally recommend this program.

By: Alejandro Barrios
Nationality: Spanish
Age: 23

This is my experience with Richmond Vale Academy (RVA)

I'm from St Vincent and the Grenadines and I attended a 6 month program with RVA.

RVA is all about making a change in SVG and I found the experience really interesting. When I was on the program we studied about important issues including climate change and organic farming.

The first 2 months studies were focused on climate change and bringing awareness to local people to make sure that no one is in the dark about the effects of climate change on the environment. The program encouraged local people to take a stand, because if anything isn't done soon future generations are going to feel the full effects of climate change.

We can't stop it but we can come together and slow it down because guess what the earth is getting hotter and the ice is melting in the arctic and the sea level is rising so climate change is very important not just for me but for everyone.

We studied organic farming for 2 months and helped to build gardens for local people, taught them about organic farming are the reasons why they shouldn't use pesticides but grow naturally. RVA is trying to build up to 200 home gardens for the community so they can eat healthy and make an income as well.

Overall, RVA is a really good school and if you are keen to make a step to change the future then this program will appeal to you.

By: Calvert
Nationality: Vincentian
Age: 19

Don’t go here!

It’s a business. You will not be appreciated for what you can do. There is a set structure in place which is very stressful and overpriced.

By: Natalie Singh
Nationality: British
Age: 28

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