Omeida Chinese Academy

Omeida Chinese Academy

Omeida Chinese Academy is located in Yangshuo, China, nestled between two rivers and hundreds of karst mountains.

Omeida provides high quality Chinese language classes for foreign students of any age. Students can fully customize the duration of their stay as well as their course load, ensuring a learning experience suited for their needs.


Course Options

  1. Standard Course (15 hours per week)
  2. Standard + Tai Chi (15 hours per week + Tai Chi courses at a local Tai Chi school)
  3. Standard + Calligraphy (15 hours per week + Calligraphy classes)
  4. Intensive (30 hours per week)
  5. Part Time (2, 4, or 6 hours per week)
  6. HSK Prep (15 or 30 hours per week)
  7. Online Course (tailored to student needs)
  8. Summer Camp (1-2 weeks of classes + outdoor activities for ages 7-17)

Omeida English College sits nextdoor to the Chinese Academy, providing ample opportunity for language exchange between foreign and native students. As Chinese learners and English learners live, eat, study, and hang out together, they experience a natural and unique language environment. Students can choose to have a designated language partner. 

Many of the students also choose to volunteer as an English language partner or Marketing volunteer to receive free accommodation, meals, and discounts on tuition.  Native English speakers may also apply to be a full time English teacher at the English college.

Off campus, students enjoy hiking mountains, rafting, cave exploring, cycling in the countryside, and much more. Yangshuo is a wonderland for outdoor enthusiasts, and any visiting adventurer is certain to leave with a full heart.


Duration / Dates

Any Monday of the year

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