MediaKids Academy

MediaKids Academy

MediaKids Academy is currently offering teaching positions in Central, North and the Northeast of Thailand. Take this chance for an experience of a lifetime and earn a living at the same time! Adventure awaits you! 

We are looking for Native English Speakers who are energetic, creative, responsible and culturally sensitive, with Bachelor’s Degree in any field. Apply now, and let our expert team take care of the rest for you! 

Are you the adventurous type seeking to travel, explore and immerse yourself into rich and authentic cultures? Why not teach in Thailand!

What MediaKids Offers You:

  • Unique locations in primary and secondary schools throughout Thailand
  • Updated salary packages 31,000 -35,000 baht/ month depending on your qualifications
  • Accommodation allowance of 3,000 baht per month provided throughout the semester
  • Contract renewal bonuses and opportunities for raises and bonuses.
  • Full coverage of Work Permit fee
  • 2,000baht Non-B Visa ( working Visa ) assistance 
  • English speaking Thai consultants offering 24/7 assistance
  • Semester-to-semester contracts with the option of renewing
  • Free accident insurance
  • Curriculum Provided 
  • Curriculum consultants’ assistance
  • Assistance in obtaining the ATM/ Bank Account in Thailand

Interested candidates are invited to apply here or via email with the following:

  • Resume with recent photo 
  • Scan of your photo page of passport
  • Scan of degree and official transcript
  • TEFL/TESOL certificate (if you have)
  • Updated criminal record check (may be submitted later)

Inquire today for more information!

Duration / Dates

Contracts are for 4-month duration.
Semesters start every May and November, but we hire throughout the semester.

Costs / Pay

Salaries start at 31,000 baht per month.
Additional 3,000 baht per month accommodation allowance is provided

Our service is free of charge!

Contact / Enquiry

MediaKids Academy Reviews

Wonderful experience

My first time living and working as an English teacher in Thailand was made possible through MediaKids Academy. Each staff member was extremely helpful and helped me feel comfortable in a completely different country to me. This program aided in getting all of my documents set up as well as with communicating with the school employees regarding any concerns that I had. I enjoyed teaching through MediaKids because they provided all of the lesson plans that I needed to succeed.

I am extremely grateful for this program and for the opportunity to teach in my now favorite country!
If you are looking for a program, please look no more.

By: Nadia
Nationality: US
Age: 24

An easy experience

When I first moved to Thailand everything was so overwhelming especially with it being my first teaching experience.
I found MediaKids when I was searching for teaching opportunities.
They have a lot of positions in a variety of schools all over the country. In unique Places all over the country.
They make everything so easy when it comes to settling in, culture problems. Visas anything they are there for you 24/7! They are very professional and gave me an amazing experience and life-long friends!

By: Louise Allonby
Nationality: British
Age: 25

Working for Mediakids and being a Teacher

Hi, well first of all mediakids gets a 5/5 stars for me. Since my time here in Thailand Mediakids have been nothing short of brilliant. I thought everything was too good to be true, they would take care if all the documents I needed for visa's, work permits, mobile numbers, bank accounts, insurance, accommodation and curriculum. And all was taken care of with relevant ease.

Obviously they cannot always baby sit you and you have to step up a gear and find a way to get around Thailand. Transportation is reletively easy to use when you have car taxi's, bike taxi's, tuk tuks, big and small buses, minivans, trains and planes to choose from. So coming here you just get right into it and start travelling the country, especially on the weekends and holidays when there is no school.

Being a teacher is something so fulfilling, you just have fun everyday with your students, they are always smiling and you just can't help but smile yourself. With mediakids curriculum it's so easy to follow and come up with your lessons plans and you always have a curriculum consultant a short message away to help you out. Going on 2 years teaching and will hope to continue!

I had the opportunity to work in the curriculum department at mediakids for 1 month in the holidays. It was a great experience and even better getting to know all the people working there. There are so many from different parts of the world so somebody has always got something interesting to share.

I believe everybody should do tefl teaching atleast once in their life. It's only 4 months of your time spent laughing with kids (and teaching obviously) and also travelling and meeting new people from all part of the globe. And with Mediakids academy you have the kind of company who will actually take care of you and make sure you have a pleasurable experience in this amazing country.

By: DJ Boardman
Nationality: British/South African
Age: 28

Media Kids, Thailand

Media Kids is one of the largest agencies that place people in schools here in Thailand. You need a college degree to be hired but you do not need a TEFL in order to get a job (I do not have a TEFL). They commonly hire people from exploreasia and gotefl courses. But you do not need to go through one of those expensive courses, I applied online and got a job for free.

Media Kids has treated me fairly, they always pay on time, they set me up in a decent apartment, and they are always available for questions. They also set up your visa for you (this is very valuable because some agencies don't and it's a really confusing process if you do not speak Thai) but that's about it, their class room curriculum is bogus and in effective, and they schools don't help you.

I have taught in Spain and Korea, and I would frankly never recommend that someone comes to teach English in Thailand. The jobs are "all for show." It is a symbol of status for schools to have foreign (white) teachers at their school, they post more photos of foreign teachers than they do of students but they really do not care if you teach at all. The schools in Thailand just want you to sit around all day and be seen, not teach. Because of this, Almost none of the teachers take their job seriously and many people spend their time here bored.

I would give my experience with media kids a 4.5/5, they've always treated me fairly, but my over all experience is with working in Thailand a 1/5.

By: Andrew
Nationality: USA
Age: 24

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