Kuffet Tours

We are a travel and volunteer placement organization operating in Kenya.


  • Kibera slums  
  • Rusinga Island 
  • Ruma National Park
  • Thim Lich Ohinga
  • Maasai Mara

You can book at any time, we accept group and individual bookings.



We offer community projects in Kibera slums and in western Kenya near Lake Victoria. The projects we work with are as follows:

  • Community Schools
  • Community Clinics
  • Women Empowerment
  • Youth Projects
  • Jewelry Workshops
  • HIV  / AIDS Counselling Centres
  • Football and Sports Coaching


General Volunteer Tasks:

  1.  Teaching English and Maths
  2.  Working in the Clinic
  3.  Working to help Women
  4.  Working on Youth Projects
  5.  Making Jewelry
  6.  HIV / AIDS  Projects
  7.  Teaching Football 


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