International Language Centers (ILC)

International Language Centers (ILC) in Budapest, Hungary is pleased to offer our Hungarian for foreigners program to students in Hungary as well as abroad! 

Our well-equipped Hungarian language school with professional staff is located in the heart of the capital, allowing students to quickly learn Hungarian at one of the finest language schools in Budapest. At ILC, we understand that learning foreign languages can be time consuming and tricky. However, the best ways in which you can learn a foreign language include using Native Speakers, practice with real people, and immersion into the society.

Set in the heart of Central Europe, ILC offers these advantages as well as other exciting programs! Our language school employs a variety of teaching methods for our English and Hungarian language courses including traditional as well as direct methods. Our teachers are qualified and anxious to help students learn Hungarian.



Group Courses

Group courses can be organized for beginners only. We plan to start 4 weeks beginner group courses(four times a week for 3 lessons) on the 10th of June, 8th of July, 12th of August and on 9th or 23rd of September. In order to register for our waiting list a 5000 HUF registration fee is payable and non refundable.

Private Lessons

Private lessons for your own group can be arranged at any time to focus on the learning requirements that are special to you.  This offers the most flexibility of the group courses, lessons designed according to your taste and availability.



Our teachers are experienced in teaching Hungarian and all have degrees in Hungarian language teaching. The Hungarian teaching staff also evaluates itself as well as the students to ensure the quality of the program. Customized study plans can be developed according to individual student's needs - such as business Hungarian, specific vocabulary for academic purposes, etc.

Our Hungarian language teachers can teach at any level of proficiency from beginners to professional levels. Students have individual needs and learning styles and our teachers are prepared to handle most situations including acquiring the necessary materials.

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