TEFL Course & Internship: Vietnam

Company : i-to-i TEFL
Duration: 3 months to 4 months
Approx Costs: 750 to 1250 £ Pound (UK)

If you’re looking to get TEFL qualified with a comprehensive TEFL Course and use your skills to teach abroad, our TEFL Course & Internship Vietnam package is calling your name! 

Exciting and diverse, Vietnam’s a country steeped in history with idyllic beaches and beautiful countryside. All organised by our trusted in-country partners, your internship includes a placement in a reputable school, accommodation and support whilst you’re there.

You’ll learn the ins and outs of life in Vietnam during your action-packed orientation week with the help of our brilliant in-country partners. Afterwards, you’ll be heading off for your placement in some amazing destinations across the country, where you’ll be living like locals with a group of fellow teachers for the next 5 months. With a good salary included, you’ll be able to take full advantage of your free time and explore this incredible country – whether you get in touch with your spiritual side at a temple or enjoy the world-class local cuisine!

Your teacher training includes 120 hours of online TEFL training, plus 5 of our best specialist courses: Advanced Grammar, Teaching One-to-One, Lesson Planning, Teaching Business English and Teaching Young Learners. You only have to complete the basic 120 hour of training before you travel, but you’ll be prepared for any teaching situation with these amazing extras!


Trip details

Day 1 - Getting there
Travel to Hanoi airport and a member of our partners will meet you at the airport and transfer you to your hotel. You'll be staying here with the other teachers for your orientation week.

Day 2 - 8 - Welcome to Vietnam!
Your orientation week is a great chance to get to grips with the city that will be your home for the next few months. Meet the other teachers over a welcome meal, learn about Vietnamese culture and history - you might even pick up some basic Vietnamese to tide you over! Enjoy an interesting tour around Hanoi – the perfect chance to get some expert tips. 

Day 9 - 153 - Your teaching experience
Now it’s time to put your TEFL learning to the test! Your 5 month teaching experience gives you an amazing chance to get rewarding hands-on teaching experience in a Vietnamese school. 

You’ll be teaching learners of all ages - from 4 to 18 years old (and in some cases adults), so there is plenty of opportunity to make the teaching experience count. Your monthly living allowance of US$700 (£550) is really generous, and will enable you to live comfortably during your internship. You’ll share comfortable accommodation with other teachers (though you might not teach at the same school as them), and there will either be a school canteen or easy access to street food stalls.

Your free time is yours to spend as you please, so we recommend getting out there and exploring the local area – check out temples, take a boat trip, and gorge on some of the delicious, affordable street food that Vietnam’s famous for.

Day 153 - After teaching
After your teaching experience you’ll get your completion bonus, and it’s up to you how to spend your time. Why not explore the rest of Vietnam? Or if you want to carry on teaching in Asia there are many opportunities that our partners can advise you on.


What is Included:

  • 120 hours online TEFL training
  • 5 add-ons: Advanced Grammar, Teaching One-to-One, Lesson Planning, Business English & Young Learners
  • Free 5 months practical teaching internship - run by our trusted partners
  • Orientation & support throughout
  • US$700 (£550) monthly salary
  • US$700 (£550) completion bonus
  • Group Size: 75+

Start Dates

12th January - 31st May
August - December

Costs / Benefits


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