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Friends Vision is an organization that was founded to help see children, families and communities in Kenya live sustainably by offering education, vocational training and community outreach.

Friends Vision Children's Home is the first of many projects our team will lead in the years to come. Our headquarters are based in Naivasha, Kenya. The goal of this project is to provide a loving, safe, family environment that enables children to have a happy, educated, skilled and healthy life.

In addition to building the children's home setting, we also host a child sponsorship program. With international sponsor support, we send orphaned children to local boarding schools to receive a well-rounded education and an opportunity to lead extraordinary lives. Our sponsorship program is truly unique. We encourage sponsors to be as involved as they would like in their child's life; the children love their sponsors tremendously - they see them as monumental figures, as heroes who have saved their lives. We report to sponsors on the progress of their child, maintain a sponsor-child pen-pal program, offer the oportunity to Skype video chat on school breaks and are especially thrilled to have sponsors visit Kenya to meet their child.

Friends Vision also operates a volunteer placement program that allows people from all around the world to have the opportunity to make a difference. This program directly benefits Friends Vision and associated projects and the experience of sharing knoweldge, skills and compassion on a worldwide scale is the opportunity of a lifetime.

Duration / Dates


Costs / Pay

All of our program fees are per person and are in AU dollars.

2 weeks - $500
1 month - $800
2 months - $1,500
3 months - $2,000
6 months - $3,500

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